Honey Lavender Roasted Peaches & Simple French Paleo Book Review


Both peaches and lavender are currently in peak season here in Seattle so it’s no surprise that they pair wonderfully. And oh do they. Gently cooked in buttery coconut oil, the juicy slices become creamy and tender, bursting with flavor.  

When working with ripe, local ingredients you don’t need much to make a memerable dish. Such is the case with Sophie Van Tiggelen’s recipe for Honey-Lavender Roasted Peaches from her new book Simple French Paleo, which she’s kindly let me share with all of you!


This is seasonal comfort food as its best. Soft, warm, and sweet, with lavender highlights that empart a subtle elegance.

Fact: I don’t own a whole lot of cookbooks. I let the colors and aromas of our local bounty inspire dishes that celebrate the season’s flavors. By eating what’s grown locally, when it’s fresh, I know that I’m nourishing my body in harmony with the seasons. And when I do, simple is always best. Which is why I gotta tell ya: Simple French Paleo is a gem of a cookbook.

Inspired by the traditional cooking of the French countryside, Simple French Paleo exemplifies what it means to eat fresh, simply, and beautifully. But the best part? This book is 100% strict AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) and allergen-free.

Having studied at a French Culinary school, I’m fairly well versed in French cooking: it tends to involve generous amounts of butter, cream and wine. However, the recipes Sophie shares have the same taste and “feel” of authentic, old-world cuisine while remaining entirely AIP!


Simple French Paleo is available as a coffee-table worthy hardcover and downloadable e-book.

If you’re like me, with an Amazon cart full of supplements instead of cookbooks, here’s another reason to check out Simple French Paleo: it contains an excellent introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol diet.

I’m often asked about my diet, which is primarily inspired by AIP.  What do I eat, what do I avoid, and what exactly is AIP anyways? Simple French Paleo has got you covered, with all the information you need to get started, clearly laid out as a brainfog-friendly reference and guide.

Cookbook curious? Click here to learn more, and consider treating yourslf to a trip to the French countryside, ala AIP eats. The e-book is an affordable option that’ll allow you expanding your healing recipe repertoire for the price of one meal out!

To learn more about author Sophie Van Tiggelen, head on over to A Squirrel In The Kitchen, where she shares the AIP recipes and lifestyle that helped her put her Hoshimoto’s disease into remission (talk about hope-heal-cooking!)

3rdpeach100frameRPTS.recipe.80Serves 4

💚  4 medium peaches, ripe but firm (I used a firmer fleshed heirloom variety)

💚  4 tablespoons coconut oil

💚  1 ½ tablespoons honey

💚  ½ teaspoon dried lavender flowers


I love that this recipes calls for “ripe but firm” peaches. In my experience, perfectly ripe peaches don’t look so perfect upon getting home!green-basic-80 2

Peel peaches and cut into eight crescents.

In a large skillet heat coconut oil, honey, and lavender for a couple of minutes over medium heat until blended.

Add peaches and stir, ensuring fruit is well coated with syrup.

Cover and cook for ten minutes, basting occasionally.

Serve hot with syrup from the bottom of the skillet.

Allow the peaches to cool and slice into bite size chunks before spooning over scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream for a bowl fulla summery-heaven (the ice cream is another of Simple French Paleo’s recipes, but you’ll have to get the book for that one!)


dessertpeach100framegreen.food.80Creating and maintaining wellness can be work, but it can be wonderful as well.  An illness-inspired life pushes us to embrace simple goodness and health-affirming pleasures. Be sure to fully enjoy this one!

May you eat well, live well & enjoy a New Wellness.

Spoons & hugs,


What other topics would taste good on this seasonal treat?


“No one who cooks cooks alone. Even at her most solitary a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.” ~Laruie Colwin

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