The Power of Admitting What We Don’t Know

admitting1st.50borderBThere’s real power in admitting what we don’t know!  Whenever I’m feeling stuck or confused, recognizing what I don’t know helps me to see the situation clearly so I can make an informed decision, and finally move forward.   


There was a time when I knew more about the various alcohol percentages of cheap beers than I did about nutrition and detox.  What can I say?  We all gotta start somewhere.  And honestly, a great place to start is with admitting what you don’t know.

Once I’d finally figured out that cans of PBR were NOT a long term solution to pain and anxiety management (shocking right?),  I realized that if I wanted to stop doing things that made me feel worse, and instead do things that would make myself better,  I needed a crash course in Wellness.

I was finally willing to admit that I didn’t know how to take care of myself, let alone heal myself. 

Simple Steps to Jumpstart Success

Basically, the success of my healing journy started with these simple steps.

First, I had to admit that:

  1. I was basically clueless (as were my in-network Doctors at the time) and
  2. I needed to educate myself on all things wellness and
  3. I needed to invest in my health by finding the right professionals to work with.

Then, I asked myself a few crucial questions:  

  1. Did I want to heal? YES.
  2. Was I willing to do whatever it took?  YES.
  3. Could I commit to following through with that?  YES.

Alrighty then!  Newly committed to my healing endeavors, I proceeded to educate myself and invest in the doctors and therapies that would best support my recovery.  That definitely paid off!  I was able to heal myself of multiple chronic infections and conditions and now I get to proclaim loud and proud that HEALING IS POSSIBLE!

The Power of Admitting What we Don’t Know

And it all started with me acknowledging that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.  For example,  I’d worked it out that as long as I ate my vegetables (“so healthy!”) it was cool if I still self-medicated with alcohol and constantly put myself down.

Hmmmm, or not.

This is why admitting what we don’t know is so powerful.  It gives us a fresh place to start from, and it offers us the opportunity to do things differently so we can achieve the results we truly desire.

Creating Space for Inner Work

Recently I took some time off from blogging and social media.  If you’re getting my newsletter you already know why: after almost a year of heavy metal detoxing (under my Dr’s supervision), I was feeling depleted on all levels.  So I followed my intuition and logged off in order to fully prioritize high quality rest.

Cuz there’s no better medicine. 

Then, because my time off created a space for personal reflection and inner healing work, all kind of super-fun emotional stuff came up.

This included a wee identity crisis in which I considered quitting all blogging and never logging onto social media ever again, because Oh-my-goodness-I’m-just-no-good-at-this-web-stuff and Maybe-I-should-just-do-comics-about-ferrets.

admitting2pale.jpgAfter much hemming and hawwing, (drawing comics about ferrets is very tempting, being eternally broke not so much) I finally realized that what I needed was to approach my work as blogger in the same way I did my healing.

Yup, Time for those Simple Steps Again

First, I had to admit that:

  1. When it came to blogging professionally and creating a business I was basically clueless and
  2. I needed to educate myself on all things blogger and
  3. I needed to invest in my blog/buisness by finding the right professionals to work with.

Okay, now for the questions:

  1. Did I want to do this work? YES. 
  2. Was I willing to do whatever it took to make HHC a viable career option? YES.
  3. Could I commit to following through with that?  YES.

The Follow Through is Where the Magic Happens

So now that that’s all settled, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to take the rest of the year off from posting here at while I focus on learning all the basic stuff I really need to know in order to make HHC a “legit blog” and not just a site I haphazardly post on (you deserve consistent content, please forgive all past lapses in posting!) 

During that time I’ll be working on new content with new illustrations as well as my very first recipe ebook! Gahhhhh, super exciting!

And although it’ll be a bit quieter here on the blog, I’ll continue to share healing tips, tools, and inspiration on Instagram and in my weekly newsletters. So be sure to follow me on IG and subscribe to my newsletter to receive healing support directly in your in box!

Healing hugs,

P.S.  Have you experienced the power of admitting what you don’t know? What’s something you can confidently admit you don’t know enough about?

“That’s the first step in learning: admitting what you don’t know” ~ Quote by Amy Neftzger

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    1. Aww, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s wonderful to acknowledge how much we don’t know. Because when we declare “I KNOW” it can actually shut the door on opportunities to learn, grow, change. Xx Kat

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