Art, Eats and Healing Chronic Illness: A Guest Post for

MDGPcomic.60.jpgIn honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month (May) I contributed a guest post to  In it I open up about my past and the interconnection between art, eats, and healing during my holistic recovery from chronic Lyme.Pin it to save or read later_MDGPpin.50.jpgThis should come as no surprise, but I ADORE comics. Growing up I was endlessly amused by syndicated newspaper greats like The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes (and if you’re like “never heard of them,” know that Granny Kat is just reminiscing about days of old.)

As I grew older, and in turn grew sicker, I couldn’t help but notice that the cartoons I’d always loved didn’t depict the things that were dramatically affecting my life; In the comic-sphere, invisible illnesses where noticeably invisible.

Thanks to indie web comics and zines, that’s changed. In the last few years I’ve discovered a number of fellow “chronic cartoonists” inlcuding Miss Diagnoses.

Her comics about having Lyme, chronic illness, and brain fog are ohmygoodness SO GOOD, I immediately despaired of ever creating anything nearly as funny or relevant (to date I’m pretty sure I haven’t, but that’s okay #goals.)

Anyway, so when she recently invited me to do a guest post on her blog, I fan-girled a bit, then promptly responded “heck yeah!” 


In my Spoonie Artist guest post for I talk about:

  • My (sorta difficult) history with art
  • The real reason I starting cooking
  • My life with Lyme and chronic illness
  • And the 5 things that were most impactful for my healing 

Check it out and get to know me a little better at Then be sure to stick around her site for some healing belly laughs!

May you eat well, live well & enjoy a New Wellness.

Humor & hugs,


Are there any chronic illness bloggers or cartoonists that really inspire you?


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