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My former vegan self would surely be horrified to know I’d one day eat rabbit.


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I got shadowbanned on Instagram. It sucked.


I became convinced I was Instagram cursed…thankfully I later saw how it was actually a blessing.


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My favorite way to have food-fun is to pick out an album I can sing-along with. Oh yeah baby, it’s karaoke time! Even though I love cooking, I know if I push myself,  I won’t be having fun. But sitting down for Food Prep Karaoke? That’s a blast.

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I highly recommend Digital Detoxes!


When this starts to happen it’s time to unplug & recenter.


Chronic Lyme Disease treatments aren’t covered by any form of insurance. I rely on donor support through my GoFundMe campaign to help me afford my healing. The good news is crowdfunding has helped me a lot. The bad news is it’s basically medical panhandling.



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I love that this recipes calls for “ripe but firm” peaches. In my experience, perfectly ripe peaches don’t look so perfect upon getting home!


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Honoring our feelings, and reacting with compassion and love, is one the most important things we can do for ourselves and our healing.


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Unless you’ve experienced living with chronic illness it’s hard to image what it’s really like.


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Getting bit by a tick isn’t the only way to contract Lyme Disease. Mosquitos, mites, and some spiders can also carry the disease.


Celebrating another year of living, loving, and laughing! Wahoo!


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1st-bodylove-comicLife’s funny like that isn’t it?

2nd-comic-bodyloveYeah…not so helpful actually.

2nd-BodyLove-ComicIt’s taken me years to change my relationship to food. Now, instead of seeing food (or a lack of it) as a means to an end, I see eating as an act of self love.


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Living with chronic illness is hard. It just is. And some days its harder than others. Having acceptance may not change the situation, but often it changes how we respond to it.

us comic

When I admit that my capacity for whole-hearted love is compromised, I speak to my experience in an honest and direct way. Doing so creates an environment of vulnerability that encourages connection.

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Of all of the vegetable common to Supermarkets, scallions are one of the most nutrient dense.


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The vitamin K found in dark leafy greens and garlic chives supports neurological wellness.


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Our Beloved Bodies are always working hard to help us heal, so give thanks!


My stainless steel enema bucket and I go way back…


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Yup, this happened. What matters is that I choose to NOT internalized any food shame, forgave myself, and got right back on track with healing self care. My mantra in these moments: I am perfectly imperfect.