Roasted Easter Radishes + Steamed Turbot Bento (AIP, Paleo, Low Carb/Ketogenic)


This bento represents an every day moment of joy.

It can be easy to miss moments of happiness. Our minds are often so busy we fail to notice we’re experiencing all the right conditions for joy. So throughout the day I pause and allow for curiosity: “Am I happy right now?” If I am make a point to declare it: “I feel happy right now.”

Doing so helps me to make note of all the times when I am happy each day. Before bed, I browse back through the day’s memories and revisit those happy moments. It’s a practice that has helped me to focus more on what’s positive and wonderful about living, even with chronic illness.  

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Pan Fried Shrimp with Simmered Easter Radishes Bento


I once read that depression is the inability to envision the future. I have found this to be true. At times, I have experienced profound darkness during my journey with chronic illness and Lyme Disease. Hope has been my antidote: is the tether between me and my dreams.

One of my dreams is to regularly create nutrient dense bentos like this one.

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