Scallions: The Ancestral Onion

This heirloom variety of scallions has a beautiful purple hue and spicier bite.

Scallions, otherwise known as green onions or spring onions, are as close as you can get to wild onions, both in nutritional density and appearance. This makes them the most nutritious of all the variety of onions. While they may look like young onions, scallions are actually a distinct sub-species, with more than 140 times more phytonutrients than white onions. 

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Garlic Chives: Allium All-Stars

Garlic chives differ from the more common onion chives in shape and nutritional density.

There are two kinds of chives, onion and garlic. What is most commonly found in American stores and herb gardens is the onion variety, which has thin tube-like leaves and a bright but mild flavor. Garlic chives are more popular in Asian cuisine and are sometimes referred to as Chinese chives for that reason. They have wider, flat leaves, a pungent garlic aroma, and distinct garlic flavor. Because garlic chives are LowFODMAP, this makes them the perfect substitute in recipes that call for garlic. 

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