Chronic Illness and The Healing Power of Community and Kindness


My pain was unusually high that day. Wonderhubs came home to find me curled up & crying on the living room floor. It was an all too familiar scene, but thankfully one that’s become increasingly infrequent. Thanks to my ongoing healing efforts, I have good days now; I also still have hard days. This was decidedly the latter. 

Or so I thought until I saw the package I’d received, which Wonderhubs had brought in for me. Wiping my eyes on the back of my sleeve (I keep it classy) I pried open the packing tape. Inside was a Lyme Don’t Kill My Vibe tote bag by friend and fellow Lyme Superhero, Melissa Cox ( along with a card that concluded with the words, “P.P.S. Thank you for helping to heal this world.”  Continue reading…

In Sickness & In Health: Chronic Illness and Keeping an Open Heart


My husband and I have been together for almost 11 years. For the last 7 of them chronic illness has affected our relationship, but it hasn’t changed our love.

In a partnership like marriage, when one person lives with chronic illness, both people end up hurting, even if it’s in different ways. When I first became severely ill, I was unable to look beyond my own suffering to recognize that it wasn’t mine alone.

True, I was the one feeling the physical pain, but suffering is different from pain. Suffering has a mental quality to it, and includes the emotional states of fear, grief, anger, disappointment, guilt, frustration, hopelessness and so on.

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Believe That You Will Heal & You Will


Never give up on your Body and I promise it will never give up on you. You and your Body are in this to win this!

Healing is a process that unfolds according to its own sacred timeline. Yes, there are things I can do to support this beautiful and sometimes terrifying process, but ultimately I can’t know the exact time or ways in which Health will manifest within me. I do my best, and I surrender the rest.

It can be difficult, the not knowing. When doubt creeps in I can remind myself that while I don’t know exactly when I will be healed, I do know that I can. How do I know that? Because of the miraculous healing I’ve already experienced and because  I know that others have healed too.

Hold on tightly to HOPE, trust that you will heal and you will.

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