Chronic Illness and The Healing Power of Community and Kindness


My pain was unusually high that day. Wonderhubs came home to find me curled up & crying on the living room floor. It was an all too familiar scene, but thankfully one that’s become increasingly infrequent. Thanks to my ongoing healing efforts, I have good days now; I also still have hard days. This was decidedly the latter. 

Or so I thought until I saw the package I’d received, which Wonderhubs had brought in for me. Wiping my eyes on the back of my sleeve (I keep it classy) I pried open the packing tape. Inside was a Lyme Don’t Kill My Vibe tote bag by friend and fellow Lyme Superhero, Melissa Cox ( along with a card that concluded with the words, “P.P.S. Thank you for helping to heal this world.” 

Again tears pooled and descended, but this time it was different. Much different.

My first tears were a response to a pain that threatened to shut my heart protectively against hurt. The second sprung from a wellspring of Love, causing my heart to open wide and overflow. We have the power to bring immediate relief to others who are hurting simply by applying compassion and kindness.

None of our trials or gifts are trivial. They’re what enable us to help others.


I am so grateful for the love and support I’ve received from you all these last few months.

When we acknowledge and support each other, especially when things are at their hardest, we contribute to individual healing and healing at large. When we trust that the spontaneous visions of small, kind gestures we sometimes receive are worthy of following up on, we become the change this world needs and answer to each other’s prayers. It’s that simple.

This is The New Wellness. It’s not dependent on physical health, but it does support it. Being open to our own suffering and that of others, and responding with compassion and kindness isn’t a cure all, but it is a piece of the cure. It allows for a deeper healing. A healing we can all share in.

Do you know how much I need you? Yes you. Do you know just how much you’ve all helped me to keep going and to believe in myself when my own resources seemed insufficient? Well, I’m telling you. It’s true. And I’m telling you to trust that the loving-kindness and connection within this community is actually healing us, each day in countless little ways.


Thank you for supporting me, believing in me, helping me and healing me, especially during these last few months of intensive treatment. I can’t thank you enough. I hope that what I offer and share through Hope Heal Cook helps to heal you in return.

Let’s continue to heal to ourselves & each other.
Together we are The New Wellness.  

Love & Little Kindnesses,


P.S. What acts of kindness or caring have helped you or sustained you during your healing journey?


“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” ~ Jackie Chan

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