Coming Home to My Body


One of the hardest things I’ve done as part of my Whole Self recovery has been to come home to my Body. It wasn’t until I starting moving back, little by little, into my truest home–this amazing vessel–that I realized how absent I’d been from it. My up bringing and culture taught me to see my Body as something separate and problematic. As a girl, I internalized certain messages about what it meant to have a feminine physical form, and what I had to do in order to control it’s organic wildness.

Like many of us, I was never taught how to honor my Body’s beautiful and functional uniqueness. As a result, I ended up cultivating a dominating and punitive relationship with the body that was sustaining me. I came
to hate my Body, and as much as possible, I remained removed from my partnership with it.

As I grew older, this dissociation from my physical self became increasingly habitual. I had no idea what it was to be at peace in my skin, to be in awe of all of my magnificent organs, or to feel an exhilarating pride at the potential of my muscles. What I knew well was how to internalize physical inadequacies as personal failures for which my Body was assigned the blame…

Click here to continue reading the full article on Well Scent’s blog. I share:

  • How I learned to have love and forgiveness for my one precious body
  • How illness taught me to listen to and honor my body’s wisdom
  • My practice for Affirmation Self Massage: being present, being kind
  • What essential and carrier oils I use throughout the seasons

If you’ve ever struggled to love the skin you’re in (and who hasn’t?) I wrote this for you. The real healing starts when we return to our truest home: our bodies. Have you been living fully in yours?

Guest Post: Coming Home To My Body

“Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body.”
~ Golda Poretsky

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