Cook: A brief intro…

Food is medicine, and a healthy diet is the foundation of true wellness. I believe that whole heartedly. While holistically healing chronic Lyme and chronic illness, I followed a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, allergen-free diet. Eating this way  decreased my symptoms and fueled my healing. 

Seriously folks, food matters. If you’re navigating chronic illness, changing your diet is a game changer.

Healing with Food

During my healing I tried and followed a number of real food diets, including: vegan, raw vegan, low carb, ketogenic, Paleo and AIP, (among others.) The one diet that I maintained the longest, and throughout the most intensive period of my healing, was an individually adapted version of the AIP or Paleo Autoimmune diet.

What’s AIP?

The AIP diet is free from all: gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds, nightshades, legumes, alcohol, processed sugar and non-nutritive sweeteners, emulsifiers, thickeners, and other yucky food additives.It includes vegetables (except nightshades), fruits, quality meat and fish, herbs and seed-free spices, and healthy fats from those sources. To learn more about the AIP diet, check out Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s site HERE.

Modifying AIP

Within the framework for eating AIP I was able to make adjustments based on where I was in my healing journey, what ingredients I best tolerated, and what nutrients my hardworking body needed most. At different stages in my healing I also found it beneficial to eat a diet that’s:

  • Low-histamine
  • Low FODMAP
  • Low carb
  • Ketogenic
  • Oxcalate free
  • Low glutamate
  • Coconut free

For years I was dealing with a very long list of food intolerances. Add in chronic fatigue and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an inability to prepare most recipes!

When you’ve got limited ingredients and limited energy, getting healthy food on the table isn’t easy. I know exactly how hard it is to cook from scratch while actively healing.

I started Hope Heal Cook in order to share the recipes I was creating while navigating a number of physical and dietary challenges.  In order to maintain a healing diet I had to work out a way to cook that was “fatigue friendly.” And since I figured I wasn’t the only one struggling to cook healthy while healing, I later started including Fatigue Friendly Instructions in my recipes.

To jump in and start cooking up your own New Wellness, check out my recipe index and AIP approved cookbook ebooks.


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May you eat well, live well & enjoy a New Wellness.

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