Legal Stuff

MedicalDisclaimers.80I am not a Dr. I am a blogger. These are actually two completely different things. One requires seven plus years of medical schooling. The other requires a computer and access to the internet. That’s just one of the important differences (there’s also a rather large discrepancy between our respective incomes.)

So pop quiz: If you are seeking guidance or advice about a medical condition or treatment you should consult:

(A) a Doctor     (B) your cat     (C) a blogger      (D) your Higher Power


The correct answer is (A) a Doctor, although I also always check with (D) my Higher Power. So how’dya do? Did you get it right??

Yes, I have quite a bit of knowledge about healing chronic and complex illness based on my own research and personal experience. However, this does NOT qualify me to answer any questions you might have about your own health and healing.

What I share, I share for educational and entertainment purposes only. And if we chat in the comments, know it’s only as friends. I’m certainly not giving medical advice.

Also note: a culinary degree is not the same as a nutritional degree  (I did take one nutrition class but apparently that’s not enough to earn certification.) I often talk about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of the ingredients and recipes I share, but that’s just cuz I’m a wellness nerd.

I’m totally unqualified to answer any questions about your unique nutritional needs.

But feel free to ask me questions about Fullmetal Alchemist and the cuteness of ferrets. I’m qualified AF to answer those (and I don’t think there’s any legal reason why I can’t.)

CopyrightingWork.80All of the content posted on, including all written content, photographs, illustrations, and other images are created by me for my website (unless otherwise noted) and are copyright protected. That means my content can’t be copied or shared.

So pah-leeeez, don’t copy anything you find on my site and share it on your own website, Instagram feed, or anything else. And definitely don’t edit something of mine and then claim it as your own. Cuz one, that’s copyright infringement, and two, it will make me cry.

If you would like to use any of my content (such as featuring a recipe photo of mine in a round-up) please contact me at And if you’d like to share something I’ve published on your website, social media account or anywhere else be sure to give me credit and link back to my blog.

In short: don’t steal, don’t edit, do credit.

Thanks again for visiting and may you be well!

Fine print & healing hugs,