Affiliates & How You Can Support HHC


“This post contains affiliate links.”

You’ve probably seen that phrase around the web, so what exactly does that mean? Well, I’ll ‘splain it to ya! Basically it means that some of the links in my posts are part of “affiliate” programs. If you click on one of those links, and if you make a purchase, a percentage of the money you spent will find its way back to me. At no extra charge whatsoever to you.

For example: if you click a link like  <THIS ONE> for Amazon through my site, I’ll get 5-7% of the amount you spend on Amazon purchases.

Here’s something else you may not know: it costs money to host a site and own a domain and maintain a blog. By participating in affiliate programs, I’m able to keep doing what I do, keep free information on this site, and continue seeing my out-of-pocket Lyme Dr. So that’s pretty sweet. Plus it doesn’t costs you a cent extra.

The other reason I use affiliates is to answer the question: “What brand do you use?” Curious minds want to know, and I’m happy to share! Since I’m already linking the products I use and trust for your info-pleasure, if an affiliate partnership is available I take advantage of it. That way:

  1. You get to see exactly what I’m using to support my healing + wellness
  2. I’m able to continue sharing exactly what I’m doing to support my healing + wellness
  3. Did I mention there’s absolutely no added cost for you??

Please know I’ll never recommend any product or service I don’t personally use. I am highly sensitive and completely picky. So if I love it, I’ll share it. Otherwise, no dice. Hope Heal Cook is not about advertising. It’s about sharing information to support empowered health and healing. Cuz I love ya.

So once again, please help me to maintain and afford my ongoing medical treatments by bookmarking my site and clinking an Amazon link like <THIS ONE> anytime you have shopping to do. It doesn’t matter what you end up buying, if you buy anything after clinking one of my links I’ll get a small percentage.

So remember, before you shop Amazon: <CLICK HERE>. Taking a moment to go through my site really does help me & I super appreciate it!

May you eat well, live well, be well!     Xx Kat