Easter Radish Cups with Faux Goat Butter, Chives & Smoked Sea Salt


This recipe is: Paleo + AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) + Whole30 + Low Carb/Ketogenic + Low FODMAP + Vegan

J U M P   T O   T H E   R E C I P E !

Celebrate Spring with Easter radishes stuffed with a creamy faux goat butter mixed with chives and smoked sea salt. Mmmm! This simple yet sophisticated side is a colorful way to embrace the season.

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I looooooove Farmer’s Markets. The variety & vibrancy of the local produce I encounter never fails to inspire me in the kitchen. So it’s no surprise that I created this lovely little bites on a whim after my weekly Farmer’s Market shop.

After all, how could I resist playing with the playfully colored Easter radishes? I couldn’t. Thus, this recipe was born.


Goat butter has a particular tanginess that pairs well with the pepperiness of raw radishes, but since not everyone tolerates dairy, I set out to create a solid, plant based substitute. BTW, I nailed it.

If you’ve been missing the rich creamy texture of real butter or the slight tang of soft cheese, wait till you try my Faux Goat Butter!

It’s sure to make you say “I can’t believe it’s not goat butter!” (Sorry, not sorry.)

radishtallF2CC46FE-0C41-4036-A20D-6CB5C5594C37Easter radishes → These colorful radish can be found at farmers markets & health food stores. If you’re unable to find some, substitute red radishes.

Virgin Coconut oil → I strive to buy Fair Trade whenever possible & recommend buying Fair Trade coconut oil like THIS ONE by Nutiva.

Coconut cream → This is the solid fat at the top of a can of coconut milk. It’s easiest to scoop it off if the can’s been chilled in the fridge. Make sure to buy coconut milk that’s free of gut-inflaming stabilizers like guar gum like THIS ONE by Natural Value.

Coconut vinegar → I love raw coconut vinegar for its mild & versatile flavor. However, you could probably substitute white wine or apple cider vinegar.

Fresh chives → Chives are a member of the allium family & contain many of the same anti-microbial phytonutrients as their cousin garlic.

Chef’s Tip: Store bunched chives in a glass of water on the counter during Spring and they’ll often bloom. The beautiful pale purple flowers have a slightly milder flavor than the stems and make wonderful garnishes.

Smoked sea salt → I get my smoked sea salt at my farmers market. It’s sometimes sold at specialty shops or health food stores & using it is an easy way to add extra flavor to a number of dishes. You can order some online HERE.

radishingredients.jpg018864AC-4133-466E-AD36-6DF4FD85DEDF 💚 3 tablespoons coconut oil

💚 5 tablespoons coconut cream

💚 1/4 teaspoons coconut vinegar

💚 2 bunches of Easter radishes

💚 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh chives

💚 1/2 teaspoon smoked sea saltA9316BB9-748F-46CF-9746-7FA6C1D05C2FSoften the coconut oil if it is in solid form (but don’t melt it.)

Mix the oil, cream, and vinegar together until the mixture has a smooth, whipped consistency.

Chill for a couple minutes in the fridge if needed in order to obtain a butter-like texture.

Remove the greens from the radishes and save for other preparations. (See my post on How To Store Greens for the best way to keep these.)

Gently scrub the radishes and trim their tops and bottoms. Make sure to trim enough from the bottoms so that they can stand flat.

Using as small spoon, such as a stainless steel measuring spoon, scoop out a bit of the inside of each radish to create “cups.”

Using a mortar pestle, or a small mixing bowl & a spoon, combine the Faux Goat Butter chopped chives, and smoked salt until thoroughly blended.

Spoon a small amount of the butter mixture into each radish.

If you have them, top each radish cup with a few chive blossoms. Alternatively use a sprinkle of chopped chives.

Give thanks, congratulate yourself for making something fancy & enjoy!

radishplate.jpg0B7891FB-02C8-4D3C-BC08-DF9AFCB30D5E.jpeg🔹 You can make these beautiful radish cups as a seasonal snack and or appetizer. Or make a double batch and serve them during a holiday brunch (thank Easter or Mother’s Day!) to wow your fam and friends cuz they’re pretty fancy.

🔹 I recommend eating them while they’re fresh, but if you want to make them a little in advance, make sure to pull them out of the fridge so they can return to room temperature before serving.

🔹 Dairy is an AIP introduction. If your body digs it, you can totally use actual goat butter in place of my Faux Goat Butter. Let the butter sit out at room temperature to soften & then follow the rest of the directions.

🔹 If you can’t track down any goat butter, grass-fed cow butter would also work if you tolerate it & coconut is problematic.

radishmany.jpg6820AA79-2F9F-4DE2-A031-35408B486B4D.jpegSetting positive intentions is a big part of my holistic lifestyle, and I love to infuse anything and everything with ’em. A fun little practice is to set an different healing intention with each radish.

For example: “May I have vibrant health, may I be happy, may I live out my dreams.”

Spring is all about growth and renewal. How would you like to manifest the essence of Spring in your life and healing? Visualize it, and take a bite!

May you eat well, live well & enjoy a New Wellness. 

Fresh veggies & positive vibes,


“Celebrate the journey. It’s not all about the destination. Savor all of your successes, even the small ones.” ~ Dawn Gluskin

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