Emotional Autoimmunity: An Interview with Kerry Jefferies


When Kerry Jefferies of EmotionalAutoimmunity.com asked if I was willing to do an interview, my immediate answer was “yes.” The emotional aspects of living with and healing chronic illness is something that I’m passionately invested in, both in my personal healing journey, and in how I express my experience with others.

Our story and our feelings matter. The totality of our experience, and the emotions that have arisen from it, influence everything from how we see the world and relate to ourselves and others, down to the individual expression of our genes.

It’s been my truth that clean eating, green living, and the right supplements aren’t enough to truly thrive. Holistic healing for lasting wellness starts within: with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. We support our bodies’s natural ability to self-heal when we learning to let go, embrace the moment, cultivate gratitude, and love ourselves unconditionally.

This is no easy feat. It’s taken years of dedication to my self-care practices to reach a point where I can even recognize what emotion I’m feeling, let alone respond wisely to it. Yet with time, patience, and plenty of love I’ve made huge progress. And that’s made a huge difference in how I feel.

Honoring our feelings, and reacting with compassion and love, is one the most important things we can do for ourselves and our healing. 

{Click HERE to watch my interview with Kerry.}


Loving yourself unconditionally means you can:

  • Love yourself when you’re sick.
  • Love yourself when you’re in pain.
  • Love yourself when you have to cancel plans. Again.
  • Love yourself when the house is mess and you don’t have the energy to do anything about it.
  • Love yourself when you have grief about living with illness.
  • Love yourself when you’re upset over missed opportunities.
  • Love yourself when you’re angry, angry, angry because this isn’t fair.
  • Love yourself when you’re afraid. Of your illness, of your symptoms, of the unknown.
  • Love yourself when you try something in order to heal and it doesn’t work out.
  • Love yourself when you just can’t get out of bed today. Well maybe….nope.
  • Love yourself like crazy for every little thing you do to help yourself on this journey.
  • Love yourself just for being uniquely you and perfectly imperfect.

So please watch my interview over at EmotionalAutoimmunity.com. Then let me know: What’s been the hardest part of living with illness for you emotionally? Let’s talk in the comments!

May you eat well, live well, be well!    Xx Kat

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.” ~ Buddha


3 thoughts on “Emotional Autoimmunity: An Interview with Kerry Jefferies

  1. I just listened to your interview… Thank you so much for being open and sharing! You definitely gave me some more important tools for climbing out of my negative talk and expectations mind set of myself. Thank you – you helped me realize the things I struggle with and the thoughts I’ve had are normal and to give myself more grace. Thank you!!!

    1. Faith, I’m so thrilled that my interview was able to offer some tools for you. My healing is about more than diet, and I try to share that in my posts (and interviews.) Being self-kind is hard for most of us. But we can even be kind about how hard it is to be kind. Those negative thoughts are normal, and they can also become quieter and less frequent. Thanks for letting me know I helped you. That means everything. Wishing you peace, mind and body! Xx Kat

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