Moving Forward After a Flare Up


Flare ups and set backs happen. With the practice I share in this post, you’ll be able to discover dozens of ways in which your flare up can actually help you move forward into greater wellness. Don’t believe me? Try it! Pin it to save or read later_IMG_8632.jpg

No matter how devoted you are to your healing diet, lifestyle, and protocols there will likely be times when you find yourself taking one, or even two, steps backwards.

Even with the best intentions you can sometimes end with a massive flare up, bundled up in blankets, covered in kitties, sipping broth and wondering “WTFlare up?” (or is that just me?)


Navigating a flare up can be pretty intense. I find the best course of action is to turn up the self-love, simplify my schedule, say a prayer, and hold on tight. Afterwards, however, I can go back through the experience and search for the healing lessons and guiding love that was present all along.

The practice I’m going to share with you is a powerful way to change the way you relate to flare ups and set backs. By contemplating the ways a flare up actually helps us move forward into greater wellness,  we can break down the pattern of dualistic thinking in which we’re either getting “better” or “worse.”


Instead of focusing on “what went wrong/what did I do wrong?” we can look for what the flare up revealed about our needs, boundaries and bio-unique healing path.

We can reframe flare ups as invitations to learn, grow, and make positive changes. Doing this allows us to release memories that were tinged with trauma or self-judgement and replace them with recollections of our strength, perseverance, and ever growing wisdom.

We heal on different levels at different times: healing might not seem linear, but it’s always taking place.  Our “set backs” can be the catalyst for even greater healing. Our flare ups can actually catapult us into a new awareness and new wellness.


If you’re ready to learn how to use your flare up or set back to help you move forward into greater wellness, then this practice is for YOU.

A Practice: How to Move Forward into Greater Wellness after a Flare Up or Set Back

💜  A week or two after you’re through the worst of it, sit down with a pen and paper in a quite space where you’ll be undisturbed.

💜  Bring a hot cup of tea, light a candle, say a prayer, or engage in whatever activity or ritual that helps you feel centered and at ease.

💜  Thinking back on your recent flare up or other health challenge, make a list of 30 reasons why the experience was a gift. Seriously. Think about and write down all the things you’ve learned and gained awareness around as a result of that turbulent time.

Feel free to use these questions are prompts:

  • What changes have you noticed or been inspired to instigate?
  • What new ideas have you had?
  • Has your schedule or priorities shifted as a result of going through this?
  • What have you learned about your needs? Your boundaries?
  • What have you discovered about your beautifully bio-unique body?

💜  Look openly at the experience and search out all the ways in which it enabled you to grow and heal in profound new ways.

💜  Two weeks later repeat the practice. Write out another 30 reasons why the experience was a helped you. It’s okay if  you repeat the same things, but I find that with a bit more time I usually discover new insights and ways in which the set back or flare up helped me move forward into greater wellness.


I encourage you and your loved ones to try this practice. I’ve found this simple exercise to be an important tool for transforming how I view illness and the healing process.

May you eat well, live well & enjoy a New Wellness.

Open minds & healing hugs,


If there’s a practice that you use to help you reflect on the difficult times in healing, I’d love to hear about it!


“Abundance is not something we acquire. Its something we tune into.”  ~Wayne Dyer

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