Heal: a brief intro…

Here on Hope Heal Cook I share what I’ve learned and implemented over the years as I holistically healed myself of chronic illness. My hope is that what I share will empower others to eat well, live well and self-heal. Because true healing is possible!

Quick note: I’m totally not a Dr (read my Medical Disclaimer HERE.)

Holistic Healing

I healed myself of chronic Lyme disease and complex, chronic illness with the help of small team of medical professionals including a Lyme Literate Naturopath (LLND). However, a lot of what I did to support my healing was based on individual research and a fair amount of trial and error.

I believe that my success in healing is due to a combination of: professional support, eating a healing diet, natural remedies, detox therapies, non-toxic living, brain retraining, and maintaining a holistic lifestyle that includes lotsa self-love and a robust inner-life.

Multiple Paths

I don’t believe there’s only one way to heal, but I do think there are certain things we can all do to support our bio-individual healing (like eating healthy, minimizing toxic exposure, and managing stress). When it comes to healing specific symptoms or conditions, I share from my heart and from my experience.

 If what I share doesn’t speak to you or your experience that’s okay. Take what resonates, and lovingly leave the rest.

Food is Medicine

Diet has played a crucial role in my recovery from chronic illness. For more on how I eat plus info on the specific diets that have supported my healing take a looksie HERE. To jump in and start cooking up your own New Wellness, check out my recipe index and cookbook ebooks.



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The Power of Hope

Having hope that we can actually, factually heal is SOOO important! For a hearty dose of hope learn more about my healing HERE. And stay tuned for upcoming Hope Heal Stories from others who’ve healed from Lyme and chronic illness.

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May you eat well, live well & enjoy a New Wellness.

Big ‘ol healing hugs,