How I’m Holistically Healing Chronic Lyme Disease

Hey real quick: anything I post regarding my treatments is meant for informational purposes only. I’m merely seeking to share what my experience of treating chronic Lyme disease looks like in order to spread awareness about this complex and misunderstood condition. You can read my “official” Medical Disclaimer HERE.


Yes, healing from Lyme is work, and treatments can be intense. Even more reason to keep laughing and loving!

The focus of this post is to share what I’m currently doing to heal my Mind Body & Spirit from chronic Lyme dis-ease. But I’ll start by giving you a brief synopsis of my previous healing to get you up to date. I’m not sure when I first contracted Lyme, but I’ve been sick most of my life. Although I’ve been challenged by the disabling effects of end stage Lyme for almost a decade, it wasn’t until last year that I was properly diagnosed.

For several years before that I was self treating. I had no idea why my whole body was failing me and neither did my multiple conventional Doctors.  So after much research I began using a combination of raw foods, juices, and coffee enemas similar to what’s outlined in the Gershon Therapy for healing cancer.

Then, in 2013 I began receiving IVs which included Meyers Cocktails and phosphatidylcholine, a main component of the PK Protocol for Lyme. At the time it was not clear that I had Lyme disease, only that my cell walls had become so weakened that they could no longer adequately hold water. The phosphatidylcholine IVs helped to rebuild my cells and proved to be a turning point in my healing journey.


Thanks to my healing efforts, and the IV treatments, I had at last gained the wellness for an small and intimate wedding. My best friend and biggest supporter become my Wonderhubs.

At that time I was also benefiting from Reiki, reflexology, massage, dry brushing, castor oil packs, and nutritional supplements. These all continue to be a part of my healing. However, its the IVs that really made a difference for me at that time. My body needed them, and I am so grateful to have received them.

After two months of bi-weekly infusions I had gained enough strength to finally marry my best friend and love of my life. Soon afterwards we packed up and headed for Seattle for our new life together and in search of greater healing.


I love that my Dr’s office feels like a spa. A soothing environment makes a huge difference.

Here in Seattle, I’m currently seeing Dr. Christine Schaffner, a LLND who works at the renowned Sophia Health Institute. I see her at her private practice, the Belle Fiore Klinik, 1-2 times a month and together we’ve slowly worked up to my current regiment. The treatments I’m receiving are based on the The Klinghardt Protocol, a Biological treatment of Lyme. For detailed information on what this entails, click here.


Microbial Defense:

As of my last appointment, I’ve begun “pulsing” my treatments. Now, two days a week, and one week out of every several, I get to skip the harsh stuff and let my Beloved Body rest a bit. Basically it means I get weekends! Wahoo! I specifically asked about doing this in order to create more balance in my life. Healing from Lyme is my top priority, but having the time and energy for the people and activities I love is a part of that.

  • Freeze dried garlic 2X a day. This brand was specifically recommended for it’s potency.
  • Quintessence 3X a day. This tincture is my main Lyme “medication” and it’s taken me a year to get up to the full dosage. It features Andrographis, Chinese smilax, Japanese knotweed, Red Root, and Stephania.
  • Cryptolepis 3X a day. The health functions of this powerful tincture are listed as: neurological support, microbial, fungal, parasitic, and co-infection defense. I’ve just started on this one and so far only take a couple drops at a time, in order to help with my co-infections, specifically Babesia.
  • Not shown: full flower cannabis. I recently got my Medical Cannabis permit. I vaporize a small amounts of high CBD strain flower a few times a day. So far makes me herx like crazy.
  • Also not shown: once a day I apply two drops of Well Scent’s Renew essential oil blend to the bottom of my feet.


Nutritional Support: 

Thanks to my nutrient dense diet, after years of living in a malnourished state, all of my recent labs have shown nutritional wellness. This is huge so I’ll repeat that: my last few labs have shown that I have no nutritional deficiencies. Huzzah!! However, I do still take a few things:

  • I use Bio-Gest for digestive support and it’s made a BIG difference. I take one capsule with my meals. It includes enzymes, HCI, and bile concentrate. Enzymes alone weren’t sufficient. I tried a lot of differs ent brands and combinations before finding Bio-Gest. Since I’ve started taking this I’ve been able to more fully breakdown and absorb my healing foods, so it’s been very important.
  • It’ the MTHFR gene mutation, which affects my ability to detox properly. Supplementing with Methly-Guard provides my body with the bonus B vitamins needed to assist my Beloved Body.
  • About once a week I take 200 mcg of Chromium Picolinate.

Note: I’m due for new labs and at my last visit my Dr ordered a complete metabolic panel, blood cell counts, lipid panel, and vitamin D and iron levels.

Pain Management, Adrenal Support and Seizure Prevention: 

Since switching to an Autoimmune Protocol Paleo diet (no grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, or nightshades) that I’ve personalized based on my MRT LEAP food intolerance test results, I no longer live with chronic inflammation pain. If you are living with endless pain, as I was, please give some thought to identifying and removing trouble foods.

I was surprised to learn how many healthy whole foods I’d become intolerant to, and even more surprised to discover how much pain they were actually causing me! Further modifying my diet so that it’s just right for me has takes some effort and planning, but it’s been SO worth it. Lyme, however, still hurts. Especially when I’m experiencing intense die-off symptoms. Sometimes I just have to accept that there will be pain in my body and be extra sweet to myself. When that’s the case these help:

  • CBD oil. I get this through Bluebird Botanicals. It does not contain THC and is legal for purchase in all 50 states (USA.) This has been a game changer for me. It’s the most powerful natural anti-flammatory medicine I’ve ever tried and thus is an incredible anti-pain agent. I take this 2X a day to prevent seizures (it works well) and to keep my pain and inflammation levels down. I’ve even used it to treat migraine headaches. Great stuff.
  • Apart from the CBD oil I manage my seizures by following a Ketogenic diet. Unfortunately one of the side effects of this diet has been a shift in my hormones and cortisol levels. To address this I’ve been experimenting with increasing my over all carbs and doing carb re-loads every few days. For the time being I’m also taking Adaptogen by Restorative Formulations because my adrenals have been affected. It contains Ashwagandha root, Eleuthero root, Astragalus root, Codonopsis root, Fo-Ti root, and Devils Club bark. I get it through my Dr, but it can also be ordered here.



Yup, I’ve got bugs. Some years ago I was tested for parasites and the results were negative. When I first started working with Dr Schaffner I told her so. She sort of chuckled, and replied, “you’ve got parasites.” Based on the state of my body and the verified number of other infections I’ve got, she assumed parasites were present. And she assumed correctly. I’ve done two rounds of Biltricide in the last year as well as multiple rounds of Nexus Suppositories. This is what my current treatment entails:

  • Physicians’ Standard Para-Clear 2X daily. So far I’ve worked my way up to 1/3 of the listed dose. These contain Rizol, Wormwood oil, Clove oil, Artemisia Vulgaris oil, Thyme oil, Marjoram oil, Bitter Almond oil, Furfural oil, and Olibanum oil. Spicy! This blend can be ordered through Physicians’ Standard’s website.
  • Mimosa Pudica powder 3X a week. Doesn’t taste very good, but it works!
  • Not shown: I drink two cups of Cistus tea daily which helps break down my bacterial biofilm. While doing so it’s also been flushing out more of my parasites. Get out you little buggers! Sophia Health is currently out of the tea but you can check out the tincture form here.


Histamine Response and Sinus Support:

I have a histamine intolerance that I’m managing by following a low histamine diet. After sticking to this diet for several months I’ve now been able to reintroduce some fermented foods and I don’t have to be quite as food cautious. However, when Summer hit I found myself having some seasonal allergy symptoms. I’ve also been battling a mild but chronic sinus infection that seems to be connected to cavitation infections in my jaw. Further down the road I’ll be addressing those.

  • Daily neti pot with sea salt to flush my sinuses.
  • Natural D-HIST caps 2X daily which contains Vitamin C, Quercetin, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Bromelain, and N-Acetyl Cysteine USP.
  • Sprays of Nasal Clear 2X daily. It burns!! But not so bad anymore. Potent stuff featuring collodial silver, L-Camosine, MSM, trace minerals, a blend of anti-microbial oils, enzymes, Chaga mushroom and other goodies. It can be ordered through Sophia Health’s website.
  • Not shown: I run a UV HEPA air filter, which helps with environmental histamines.


Sleep Support:

While I do supplement to help ensure healing rest, diet and lifestyle shifts have been key to a good nights sleep. I’m very sensitive to the effects of blue lights so part of my sleep hygiene involves only using amber colored lighting in the evening. We cover up various illuminated clocks and pull shut the blackout curtains an hour or two before bed. In each room we have a lamp that only puts off amber lighting and we use those, or beeswax candles at night. If I do look at any screens I ware amber colored sun glasses.

However, the single biggest contributor to my sleep has been identifying and removing food intolerances and excess dietary histamines. With these changes (and a few others) I’ve gone from chronic sleep deprivation (2-3 hours of sleep on average) to regularly getting a full night of sleep. I’ll write a more complete post about sleep another time.

  • 2 mg of melatonin 4 and 2 hours before bedtime.
  • 1/4- 1/2 teaspoon of Zoots, which I can get in Washington because of our liberal cannabis laws. It contains cannabis extract, chamomile extract, and L-Theanine and happens to be the best sleep aid I’ve ever used. Before finding this I was supplementing with 200 mg L-Theanine before bed whenever I was having trouble falling asleep.


Detoxing and Electrolytes:

While detoxing I sweat. A lot. So in order to keep my kidneys happy I drink electrolyte water all day long. These are what my Dr prescribed for me to add to my water “until you can taste the salt.” On average I drink 110 oz of water a day supplemented with one of them. I follow all my detox protocols 6 days a week with the goal of taking a day off for Daycation. I think of it as my “work week” followed by a Day Of Rest. Here’s the detox protocols that I’m currently doing:

  • Far Infrared Sauna at 140 degrees for 45 minutes, followed by a cold shower.
  • Detox baths using 2 cups sea salt, 2 cups Epsom salts, 2 cups baking soda, and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, followed by a cold shower.
  • Colonics 3X a week using a Colema home colonic kit.
  • Coffee enemas every other day.
  • Castor packs every night.
  • Dry brushing and self lymphatic massage daily.
  • Meditation + Reiki (I’m attuned) 2-3X daily.
  • Supplemental Glutathione 2X daily.
  • I take binders 4X a day: 15 King Chlorella tablets + 3 activated charcoal caps each time. Whenever my symptoms intensify the first thing my Dr recommends is for me to increase my binders and electrolytes.


I get Neural Therapy injections done at my Dr’s office.

Other Treatments:

A lot of my other treatments are based on what we can afford each month. Sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less. Everything I’ve shown or talked about is payed for out of pocket. And it really adds up. This is one of the hardest things about treating Lyme: financial constraints. In order to afford as much as we do, we live a simple life and don’t spend much in other areas (except for food, which is also medicine.)

  • Whenever I visit my Dr I get Neural Therapy Injections, usually between 12-15. They feel kind of like bee stings and I usually end up crying and hyperventilating because they’re not only INTENSE, but can also bring up strong emotions.  My Dr tends to focus the injections on my liver and lymphs.
  • I do acupuncture at our local Community Acupuncture Clinic 1-2 times a week. These clinics are run by volunteers and offer a sliding scale so they’re a great option. I recommending doing a search to see if there are any in your area if you’re looking for affordable treatments.
  • I get a reflexology massage once a month at a place I found in the International District (Seattle’s version of Chinatown.) It’s only $35 and while it’s advertised as a foot massage, it’s actually a full hour and includes hands, arms, back and shoulders. Search Yelp to find if there’s a good one near you!
  • When we can swing it I do energy healing and body work sessions. This tends to be every other month. Both of these are very difficult for me emotionally as they  work to release stored trauma. Which needs to happen for Whole Self Healing. And is unpleasant to say the least. The body work modality I’m currently working with is called SPRe (it stands for Somatic Psychological Recovery.) After each session I feel profoundly hungover and struggle with frequent flashbacks for the next few days. Bleck! But thanks to these difficult sessions I also feel more grounded in my Authentic Self than ever before. Click here for more on SPRe and for more on the energy healing I’m receiving click here.


There was a time when I couldn’t get out of bed. A recent trip to Bainbridge Island is proof of how far I’ve come.

Thanks to these protocols and treatments, as well as my healing diet and lifestyle, I have gained back so much of my life. Meditation, prayer, time in nature, and creative expression are important parts of my Whole Self Healing. It’s not just about the pills, powders, and tinctures. Ultimately, it’s been about LOVE. Love for myself, for others, for life, and for Spirit (whatever that mean’s to you.)

As I continue to rebuild myself, I look forward to sharing more of the specifics on what I’m doing and how I’m healing. Because I want to help. If by sharing I’m able to lessen the suffering of another person with Lyme, I pray for the courage and ability to do so. If you have any questions or would like to share a bit of your healing story, please leave me a comment! (But remember, I’m not a Dr!)

May you eat well, live well, be well!     Xx Kat

“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” ~Sai Baba

25 thoughts on “How I’m Holistically Healing Chronic Lyme Disease

  1. Thanks for sharing all of this! Your treatment schedule is very intense, but I’m sure all us lymies feel your pain :).

    I was curious how you fit in taking activated charcoal 3x a day around food and other supplements? I had always learned It needs to be taken 2-4 hours away from everything else as to not absorb those nutrients.

    Also, did you do a specific test for your food allergies? I’ve been having terrible pain lately and I never sleep well so I’m wondering if it might be underlying food allergies as I’ve been reading more stories similar to yours

    1. Hello, thanks for checking out my protocol post. Yes, it’s intense and it’s a lot of work. But it’s working and I’m worth it. That’s an excellent question about when I take my binders. It’s true I’ve had to work out a schedule! I usually wake around 5am (Wonderhubs manages a bakery so we get up early) and have my first binders around 6am. Two hours later I take my second bunch of binders along with my first dose of medicines. Two-three hours after that I have my brunch. I’m able to practice intermittent fasting which is how I make this work. Four hours after brunch I take binders again along with my second round of anti-microbials. Around 3pm I have a fresh green juice and a little snack, which I am able to digest pretty quickly. I take my final bunch of binders an hour after that and two hours before dinner (with my third dose of anti-microbials.) If I ate a full lunch I don’t know how I’d make this work. I hope that helps and answers your question about the binders.

      I took the MRT Leap food intolerance test. It revealed that I had become intolerant to chicken, beef, lamb, and pork as well as many common fruits and vegetables. Within a few weeks of removing those foods I found that I no longer experienced chronic inflammation pain and I began to sleep well for possibly the first time in my life. Prior to doing this I was working with a naturopathic sleep specialist and I had done all sorts of things to get my sleep hygiene “squeaky clean.” She was so surprised when what finally got me sleeping was removing those foods! Do you do any food journaling?

  2. Kat, I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this is. And how impressed I am by you and all that you do, motivating me to find the foods, supplements, and medicines that work best with my body. It’s a daunting task, but you make it all seem possible.

    As always, lots of love

    Chloe xxxx

    1. Hi Chloe, I’m delighted to hear that this post was helpful for you. I assure it’s possible; it’s a process. I believe we are always moving towards greater healing and wholeness. If you can climb mountains you can do anything! I’m wishing you wellness!

  3. Hi Kat, thank you very much for sharing this information with us, you are very generous and brave.
    I would like to ask you … How do you get that enemas, work (using them in the long term)? Thank you love.

    1. Hello Beatriz, thanks for saying so! I’ve been using enemas at home for several years now, and I’ve also used home colonics for the last two years. I self administer both, though I get help setting up the colonic because it requires some lifting. Using them long term isn’t ideal but it is safe. Using water to irrigate the colon doesn’t harm the intestines the way laxatives do and can actually help promote peristalsis (movement in the gut needed for BMs.) Does that answer you question?

      1. Thanks for your answer 🙂 Kat
        My concern is that my gut becomes dependent … Have you try with probiotics? I have only tried Prescript Assist and ferments and make my symptoms worse * sigh *
        Thanks for your kindness

      2. I hear what you’re saying. I can certainly relate to that concern. I was really worried that would be the case for me as well. However it hasn’t been! In fact within the last few months I’ve started having natural BMs again…after years of severe constipation! It’s taken quite a while for my gut to heal itself, but the good news is that using enemas did not appear to have done me any harm. As for the probe, I’ve used that brand too, but I’m in the same boat: they all make me feel worse. I’ve read that that’s often the case when SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is an issue. For now I’m focusing on getting my bacterial levels down. Later on I’ll be introducing probiotics again. Sounds like we’ve got even more in common. 🙂

  4. Kat thank you very much, the truth is hear that leaves me calmer.

    I think I’ll wait a bit before reintroducing probiotics to be sure my SIBO will not spoil everything.
    I hope everything will go great when you decide to incorporate probiotics :)I send you this article for you to consider strains that increase histamine.

    Can I ask you something else? (I hope I’m not bothering you) How your hormones have affected your health? I currently have amenorrhea due to low weight and feel that perhaps may be exacerbating my constipation problems …
    Thank you !!

    1. Hello Beatriz, sorry I missed your comment earlier! Thanks for that link, it’s good to know that not all strains are problematic because I know how important those good bugs are. I’ve had pretty bad hormone problems (I went through a period of perimenopause at 24) but for now they are doing well. When I eat strictly ketogenic (very low carb) my hormones get wonky, but now that I’m eating more carbs things are back to normal. Have you checked out Leanne had the amenorrhea for years and healed herself using a high fat diet. She has some great info on her site.

  5. I had a question about doing home colonics with the Colema. How do you like it? Is it difficult to do? I’ve been going to a place, but due to costs with treatment I’m looking for ways to save money.

    1. Hello Holly, thanks for stopping by! I love doing home colonics and couldn’t afford to do them otherwise. I appreciate being able to do them in my own bathroom, which I have set up to feel nice and cozy. Once it is all set up it is very easy. I have done a series of colonics with a hydrotherapist and there are two down sides to doing it at home: one is that I’m not trained to do the abdominal massage aspect which helps facilitate a more complete flush, and two it does take work to set up and take down everything. In fact, I get help in order to do it all. I will also admit that I don’t use fully sterilized (boil for 15 minutes, then cool) the water. I just use home filtered which I add a couple drops of MMS to. So there is always the possibility that there may be a bit of bacteria in the water I use as we don’t have a home UV filter. Overall, if you think you can manage hauling 5 gallons of water or have some one who can set it up for you, I totally recommend the Colema. Being able to do regular colonics has been a game changer for me. Detoxing as much as possible has been crucial to me moving forward with my treatments. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  6. Thanks for all the information! I definitely appreciate it! We have a Berkey which I think filters most if not, a large portion of bacteria. I’ll have to double check. So this may definitely be a money saving option for me. Like you, I also have a hubby that has been extremely helpful and supportive through this healing process and I’m sure would help me haul the water 🙂 I hear you on the massage part. When I do coffee enemas at home, I often lightly massage an essential oil blend for the intestines on my stomach–though it isn’t near what they do at my colonics place. I’m thinking I could do the same thing if I purchased a Colema board as I do think it helps the gut to release more. I started doing this after I switched to a different colonics lady that uses anti parasitic EO’s to help the colonic. I do have one more question–typically how much time do you set aside for home colonics? I realize everyone is probably different but I’d like to factor this into my decision as well.

    1. Oh you are so welcome, I’m doing this to help others because I’ve gotten so much help myself! Based on what you’ve said I would totally spring for the Colema kit! It helps me so much, it’s totally worth the money up front. When I first started doing them they took longer and with set up it’d be 1 1/2 hours or more. I usually start feeling the 5 gallon jug in the morning and do it in the afternoon. Now the actually flush only takes 30-40 minutes because my gut is in much better shape and my diet is really clean.

  7. Hi kat! I want to do a parasite treatment but I’ve noticed that the supplement are or too strong for my stomach ( garlic, wormwood, cloves …) or cause constipation ( black walnut , berberine )
    I saw that you used mimosa pudica …it is gentle?
    I was using woordwood but it feels like a kick lol , and I would like to hear your thoughts about mimosa before buy it.
    Thanks you !!! xxxx

    1. Hi Inma, only you would know if something was a good fit for you in your healing right now. I’ve found all of the anti-parasitics to be a bit intense. My Dr used muscle testing in order to ascertain that the Mimosa was the right way to go for me. I recently read about Standard Process Zymex II (google it) which is made from figs and almonds and is supposed to be very gentle. You might want to try this little practice: write the name of various supplements on separate pieces of paper. Then takes turns hold each and thinking the name and watch your body language. If you shift backwards or tense up, for me that’s a no.

      1. AWW! thank you , you’re so extremely kind and generous
        Mimosa pudica feels good for me , maybe I should give it a try ,thanks for the supplement recommendation love. 🙂

  8. Hi Kat! How are you doing?I’m the girl who wrote you a year ago , time flies haha.I would like to write you to ask if you have achieve been less dependent of the use of enemas than the last time to write you .Me not , so I trying to figure out some alternative.
    On the other hand , have you tried probiotics yet ?I’m going to try with raw camel milk, if you want I’ll tell you how it goes.Finally , have you ever tried with glandular extract to recover from Adrenal fatigue?
    Thanks for all your wisdom and patience with all my questions haha
    Sending love.

  9. Hi Beatriz! It’s nice to hear from you again! I have awesome amazing news for you: starting about 6 months ago my bowels started working again. Oh yeah, who’s got two thumbs and poos like a “normie”?? This lady!!!! (points at self with thumbs) After all those years, I have healed my gut. It is possible. I wasn’t sure if it was possible. It is. Hold onto that hope okay?! It took 1 1/2 years of eating really clean (nothing I’m intolerant of) in combinations with my antibacterial but I did it! Yaaaaaaaay! I’ve never tried glandular extract. CBD oil and meditation are my main go tos for adrenals. Also lifestyle. I’m allergic to stress, haha. Let me know how you like the camel milk. Yours in healing Xx Kat

    1. Kat that’s awesome!!!!You can’t believe how glad makes me read your improvement! I really hope that someday I’ll write you that I have achieve it too.
      Besides your clean diet , you have noticed some “trigger ” like , I don’t know , adding Fodmap , trying some probiotic, doing some kind of exercise…
      About the camel milk , I have already drunk almost 4 litres! and it’s great .I was unsure about it because I’ve read that raw milk can be high histamine but it doesn’t bother me, not even the lactose. It also helped me lowering the inflamation sensation of my bowels when I had been long time stand .
      I also want to try gut pro probiotic.You have tried with kombucha , didn’t you?
      I see a wondefull healing future for both of us

  10. Hi Kat,

    There is so much to do that I get discouraged. Mum of 7 kids with one with Lyme and may be more…
    I live in Switzerland and I ha e started with Atbcs and now he is taking essentials oils and cistus tea. It is very hard to follow..
    If you had to choose several products absolutely important to kill Lyme and Bartonella which will be and in what order?

    How can I get mimosa Pudica seeds in Europe? Which brand is good? Could we just eat the plant and get the same results? Which part of the plant?

    We are taking vitamins and mushrooms and aswhaghanda, Boswellia… but there are so many things and difficult to get here and to make him had all…

    Klinghardt comes once to Switzerland and he asks for 800chf par visit we have not been able to see him yet..Thanks for your hints and advice


    1. Hi Susana, thanks for reaching out. I totally get how discouraging it can all be. I can’t imagine what it must be like to also be a mum. My heart goes out to you. Unfortunately we’re all so unique (with different genetic variants, strains of Lyme, confections etc) I honestly couldn’t say what would be most beneficial for you and your family. But it does sounds like you’ve already got some good things in your tool kit: the Abx, EOs and cistus tea, and various supplements. If that’s already feeling like a lot to follow, there may not be a need to add in anything else. Healing these infections takes time. I know it’s sooo hard, but try to be patient with the process.

      The one thing I CAN safely recommend is detox support. I share my favorite at home detox therapies here: (you’ll find that page under the “Resources” menu bar.) The “die off” from these infections is really toxic and can make us feel much worse before we feel better. Detox support can lessen “die off” symptoms. Body toxicity can also contribute to a lowered immune system, which is another reason why detoxing supports healing.

      The Mimosa I used was by Biopure. If you have access to the plant, I don’t see why you couldn’t use it. The part you would use is the root, and I assume you would use it in tea. I know this illness is complicated and can often seem overwhelming, but our bodies are ALWAYS working to heal. From what you’ve shared I know you hold a firm intent to heal yourself and your family. And that’s important! Don’t forget to give yourself credit for all you’re already doing, and hold onto that intention to heal.

      I’m wishing you and your family wellness,
      Xx Kat

  11. Hello Kat,

    I was wondering if you did the Lymes and parasite protocol together or if you started one before the other.

    1. I did a multi-treatment approach that included anti-virals, anti-bacterials, anti-fungals, and anti-parasitics. However, at times the focus was more primarily on parasites (or mold or whatever seemed to be the priority.) That said, treating multiple infections is tricky business and looks different for everyone. Many times I was told I needed to treat one thing first (like heavy metals) but found that I was only able to successfully do so at a later point. For me the most important thing was to listen to my intuition and to keep on keepin’ on. Hope that helps. Best luck! Xx Kat

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