Oven Roasted Fennel Fries

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Fennel is under appreciated. It’s distinct anisy flavor can present a challenge for the uninitiated. But wait for it. Fennel is lovely. Given the chance, it will woo you. Not with a big bang of fructose sweet or the bold assertions of the spicy, but with a slow seduction of quiet complexity: refreshing coolness with a hint of earthy sugars and just a tease of licorice.

Whether you’re already a fennel afficioado or are just beginning to nurture a new fondness, my baked fennel fries are a flavorful tribute to this perennial bulb. Not sure how you feel about fennel? Perhaps even put off by it? Then I definitely encourage you to try this recipe. By roasting the fennel its licorice-ness is lessened.


Technically an herb, fennel is related to the carrot family and claims kinship to such detox rockstars as parsley and cilantro. It’s pale green color is indicative of it’s high potassium content, a vital electrolyte that is further supplemented with a generous sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt.



  • 2 large fennel bulbs
  • 1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt, or to your preference. You know how you like it! (Substitution: sea salt)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil


There’s a trick to making effortless fennel fries. The natural bloom of the fennel bulb will actually do most of the work for you!


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Wash and trim the bulbs.
  3. Using a sharp knife cut the bulbs in half length-wise, and then into quarters as shown.
  4. Remove the core of the bulb from each quarter and slice the remaining bulb into fry-sized  pieces. My cooking times are based on fries cut to a thinness of 1/4″ thick.
  5. Use your fingers to break apart any of the slices that are still connected by a bit of the core. And ta-da! You have fries,  I told you it’d be easy!
  6. Toss the fries in the oil and salt and spread on a baking sheet in a single layer.
  7. When the oven is ready bake for 15-20 minutes (check after 15.)
  8. Stir/flip the fries as needed and bake for another 10-15 minutes. They should be partially crispy + caramelized with some softness retained in the larger fries.
  9. When done pull from the oven and allow to cool slightly until finger-safe.
  10. Take a deep breath, congratulate yourself on trying something new and preparing yourself yummy healthy food. Enjoy!

Note: I use a Pyrex glass baking sheet in all of my baking recipes. If you are using a standard metal baking sheet your bake times may vary slightly.


Meal inspiration:

Fennel fries make an excellent snack or starter, especially on cold days when a roasty-toasty oven offers extra warmth. They’re best served while hot and crispy, and skip the fork for fun finger food! For fries with a bit more flare, include homemade mayo as a dip or a sprinkle with a bit of grated raw milk parmesan (a deelish option, but not for my AIP or vegan friends.)


As a side dish, the mildness of fennel pairs well with lighter meats such as fish or chicken (or tofu if vegetarian.) Here I’ve served my Oven Roasted Fennel Fries with pan-fried wild salmon + its crispy skin plus a daikon duo: soft simmered + citrus pickled.

Wondering what to do with the leftover fennel fronds? Try chopping them and then cook until tender in a flavorful broth (as also shown above.)

May you eat well, live well, be well!     Xx Kat

“Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.” ~ Matt Cameron




12 thoughts on “Oven Roasted Fennel Fries

  1. Hi Kat. It’s always exciting to see another AIP blogger, and your recipes look both beautiful and delicious! Are you familiar with the AIP Recipe Roundtable? It’s a weekly event, where bloggers share links to AIP-friendly recipes. I would love it if you joined us. You just click the blue button at the bottom of the post to add your recipe, and readers will be directed back to your blog to read it: http://www.phoenixhelix.com/2016/01/13/paleo-aip-recipe-roundtable-104/

  2. Made these tonight. I’m a fennel-lover anyway, and this is just another great way to eat them. They turned out delicious. However, the roast time I needed was much longer than 1/2 hour total. Perhaps my slices were too big. Oh, well, they’re great.

    1. Hello Kim, I’m glad you enjoyed my recipe, thanks for trying it! My slices are pretty thin as you can see in the pictures, which is how I got them to crisp up. But I’ve seen other people make the fries with larger slices. If you let me know the size of your fries and the cook time I’ll add it to the recipe for others who may cut larger slices. I also need to add a note: I use a Pyrex baking sheet and it may heats differently than metal ones. I appreciate you letting me know! Xx

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