Hope Quotes: Healing in an Unhealed Culture

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Healing in an unhealed culture is hard. It is WILDLY counter-cultural to follow a healing diet and lifestyle.  In a society dominated by corporate advertising, rampant consumerism, constant distraction, and the politics of division, it is RADICAL to choose to heal ourselves and support others.   

Pin it to save or read later_Those of us who know illness and are intentionally working to heal are the change-makers our unhealthy, unhealed culture needs. Ultimately, we are healing so much more than just ourselves.

Is this work easy?  Nooo.  Is this work necessary?  Yes, now more than ever.

Which is why the healing work you’re doing is NEVER selfish.  Let me repeat that:HUUCtext1b.80.jpgHealing yourself is the most generous thing you can do.  Why? Because there is no other. We’re all connected.

Your personal healing ripples out, and is force for greater healing in an unhealed culture.  Every little step you take toward self-healing–whether it’s resting more, eating better, or just being kinder with yourself–is a step towards a more peaceful, nourished, and kinder world.

So you, right now, are the change our sick cultures, societies, and planet needs.  And you are unbelievably courageous to take on this healing work.  It’s often so unbearably uncomfortable to dig deep down and heal ourselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually that unless we our health collapses, we don’t do it.

HUUCtext2b.80.jpgTo need a loud wake up call is to be human, and in this moment, I think it’s safe to say there are multiple alarms are going off.  I mean, things seem kinda scary right?

It’s time for us as a species to wake up to the ways we’ve, perhaps unknowingly, contributed to the sickness that’s showing up in our bodies, societies, and common home.

It’s time for all of us to wake up and heal.

Chronic illness is an invitation to become a Healer, to shine a light on what’s dysfunctional and toxic and being dismissed—or even worse—censored.

I believe those of us in the chronic illness communities have the potential to become beacons of Light and Truth, sparking a revolution of change and holistic healing. Because self healing is revolutionary.


Those of us who are sick, or were sick, are the Hope this world needs.  We show that change is possible, and that healing is possible too.  Think of all the ways in which you’ve changed as a result of experiencing chronic illness.  Of everything you’ve learned and are continuing to learn.  All the ways in which you’ve healed, be it physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  It all matters.

HUUCtext4b.80.jpgSo remember: while healing in an unhealed culture is hard, it’s enormously important work.  It’s generous, it’s courageous, it’s revolutionary, and it’s needed.  YOU right now, no matter where you are on your healing journey, are needed.

Don’t forget it.

Hope & hugs,


P.S. What’s been the hardest part of working to heal in an “unhealthy, unhealed culture” for you?


“It is very hard to heal people in an unhealthy, unhealed culture.” ~ Richard Rohr

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