Self-Care Should Not Be Static: Shaping Self-Care for Where You’re At


It’s been about a year since my last podcast conversation with Kami Lingren of LivingGraceBlog. At that point I was just beginning to return to “normal” after first achieving remission from Lyme disease. In my new interview I open up about the ongoing surprises & challenges of transitioning from living with chronic illness to experiencing a New Wellness.  Continue reading “Self-Care Should Not Be Static: Shaping Self-Care for Where You’re At”

Chronic Illness + Becoming Familiar With Fear

fear 1

For the longest time it hadn’t occurred to me that I was brave. When someone would comment on my perceived bravery in the face of chronic illness and long term healing, I would ask myself, “Is this true?” I began to wonder if I was indeed brave, despite not feeling it.

Whenever I’m looking for an answer, I start by asking a question. In this case, What does it really mean to be brave? Why is it that others saw courage within me, and more important, why is it that I hadn’t seen it in myself? Continue Reading…