Color Blast Sweet Potato + Red Onion Stir Fry


This recipe is: Paleo + AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) + Whole30 + vegan + coconut free

J U M P   T O   T H E   R E C I P E !

This simple, flavorful stir fry features anti-oxidant rich root vegetables to keep you warm and nourished throughout the colder months. The beautiful colors are a feast for the eyes and signal a variety important phytonutrients to support seasonal wellness.  Continue reading “Color Blast Sweet Potato + Red Onion Stir Fry”

Authentic Flavored Red Palm Curry Sauce

{AIP, Paleo, Low-FODMAP, Coconut-free, Low carb/Ketogenic}

Bold Southeast Asian flavors, detoxifying herbs, and a supplemental dose of Vitamin E from red palm oil make this recipe a saucy + delicious way to get nourished!

This authentic flavored curry sauce pairs wonderfully with white fish, and features Vitamin E rich red palm oil in place of traditional coconut fats. Red palm oil is superior sauce of skin softening Vitamin E but for a long time it’s unique flavor challenged me.

This recipe is a perfect way to introduce this nutrient dense oil as well a great option for a flavorful coconut-free curry. An abundance fresh herbs and spicy grated ginger provide big flavor with a kick, so there’s need for chilis or garlic making this Asian inspired sauce both AIP and low-FODMAP friendly.

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