My Lyme Protocols: Spring ’15

D I S C L A I M E R:  Anything I post regarding my treatments is meant for informational purposes only. I’m merely seeking to share what my experience of treating Chronic Lyme Disease looks like in order to spread awareness about this complex and misunderstood condition. I am not a Dr and you should consult yours before trying anything new.


Yes, healing from Lyme is work, and treatments can be intense. Even more reason to keep laughing and loving!

The focus of this post is on what I’m currently doing to heal my Mind Body & Spirit from Chronic Lyme Dis-ease. But I’ll start by giving you a brief synopsis of my previous healing to get you up to date. I’m not sure when I first contracted Lyme, but I’ve been sick most of my life. Although I’ve been challenged by the disabling effects of end stage Lyme for almost a decade, it wasn’t until last year that I was properly diagnosed.

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Authentic Flavored Red Palm Curry Sauce

{AIP, Paleo, Low-FODMAP, Coconut-free, Low carb/Ketogenic}

Bold Southeast Asian flavors, detoxifying herbs, and a supplemental dose of Vitamin E from red palm oil make this recipe a saucy + delicious way to get nourished!

This authentic flavored curry sauce pairs wonderfully with white fish, and features Vitamin E rich red palm oil in place of traditional coconut fats. Red palm oil is superior sauce of skin softening Vitamin E but for a long time it’s unique flavor challenged me.

This recipe is a perfect way to introduce this nutrient dense oil as well a great option for a flavorful coconut-free curry. An abundance fresh herbs and spicy grated ginger provide big flavor with a kick, so there’s need for chilis or garlic making this Asian inspired sauce both AIP and low-FODMAP friendly.

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