How I Transitioned From a Chronic Illness Identity


I’ve been sick for most of my life, and as such, illness ended up becoming a basic part of my identity: I was the sick girl, the one with all the weird symptoms and intolerances and diagnoses and treatments. The last several years, while I was full time healing from end stage Chronic Lyme Disease, my entire life revolved around illness.

So when I hit remission several months ago, it wasn’t just “Yay I’m better!” but also “Woah, now what?” Continue reading “How I Transitioned From a Chronic Illness Identity”

How Lyme Disease Taught Me to Let Go & Let Love In: an Interview with


At the peak of my illness, I had to let go of virtually everything. In doing so I found a new freedom. 

The often painful process of letting go has been transformational. Only by emptying myself of so much, did I discover what it is to be truly full: of life, of love, and of the magic present in each moment. Of all of the things I’ve had to let go of during my time with Chronic Lyme, I believe what’s most profound is the extent to which I’ve let go of my own suffering.   Continue reading “How Lyme Disease Taught Me to Let Go & Let Love In: an Interview with”

Chronic Illness + Becoming Familiar With Fear

fear 1

For the longest time it hadn’t occurred to me that I was brave. When someone would comment on my perceived bravery in the face of chronic illness and long term healing, I would ask myself, “Is this true?” I began to wonder if I was indeed brave, despite not feeling it.

Whenever I’m looking for an answer, I start by asking a question. In this case, What does it really mean to be brave? Why is it that others saw courage within me, and more important, why is it that I hadn’t seen it in myself? Continue Reading…

Hope Heal Comics: The Archive

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Yeaaaaaah, I was actually having a massive inflammation reaction to the corn chips fried in canola oil (among other things.)

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A recent bought of the flu was an opportunity to relearn the important of self-forgiveness for self-healing.


Especially for us Type-A types, it’s all too easy to feel responsible for not living up to perfectionistic ideals.  Like being able to do all the things all the time while remaining impervious to inconveniences like illness.


Your healing is always occurring in the NOW.


I created a self-forgiveness practice that allowed me to fully forgive myself and move forward with my healing. Find it in the post HERE.


Offering ourselves friendship is always good medicine. I’m a big ‘ol nerd, so this is my idea of being an awesome friend to myself.

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Apparently even when it’s Snowmaggedon and the grocery aisles look like something out of a post-apocalyptic horror film, folks avoid cocktail sausages. Good to know.


Alllllllll the colors please!

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This should be obvious. And yet, for years I was terrified of fruit because it contained sugar. Thankfully, I’ve seen the light: fruit is a healthy whole food that contains disease-fighting nutrients.

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Chronic illness can be painfully lonely. It wasn’t until I hit remission from Lyme disease that I was able to get out and make some IRL friends in my new city.


While chronically ill and treating Lyme disease a lot of chores fell by the way side. A deep clean was MUCH needed.


Now that I’m in remission from Lyme disease, I get to play video games instead of do coffee enemas. WORTH IT.


Despite several difficult years of chronic illness, our relationship is actually stronger & healthier than it’s ever been. Fellow couples: I know it’s hard, but hang in there!


Healing Lyme disease and chronic illness has allow me to finally devote more time & energy to my other goals (like sharing more recipes with y’all!)


I reaaaaaaally missed reading all those years I suffered from serious brain fog.


Five years after moving to Seattle we finally got the chance to start doing some sight seeing. It’s fun to get to be a tourist in your own city!


Now that I’m finally in remission from Lyme disease & chronic illness I get to sit back, rest & be grateful for all I’ve overcome.

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Long ingredient lists make me cranky, especially when there’s a bunch of junk in them. I will get straight up snarky mid-aisle & give offending products the DEMON EYE.


If you get tired while cooking, by all means pull up a seat! Get creative & find what works for you & your hard-working body.

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I don’t cook. I play with my food. Then eat it. Guess I’m kinda like a killer whale. But seriously folks. Don’t forget to have fun.

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Healing can be hard. Cooking healing meals doesn’t have to be. Why not make things easier on yourself? You deserve that kindness.


I seriously recommend this cookbook for caregivers. And so does my former caregiver.

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I like to pretend I’m sprinkling glitter. Which come to think of it is weird…glitter would not be a tasty addition.


Manifest it baby!

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Certain foods (& recipes) are real anti-microbial power houses. Include them because they’re delicious…or as part of an holistic, infection-fighting protocol!


Food is medicine.

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Sometimed you just need stupid easy. Like a tasty meatball recipe that’s only got 3 ingredients.


Remember playing with Play-Doh as a kid? Or mud? Remember pretending to make food? It was fun! Well making meatballs is fun. It’s food-play for adults. And unlike the faux-foods of our childhoods, these handmade creations are not only edible, they’re deelish.

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As an introvert, the social media part of blogging is not my favorite. I basically just want to cook, write, draw & read comics.


I used to take this sorts thing personally…


…and I kinda hate the algorithms on acount if they seem to hate me.


Who’d ever heard of a Food-and-Wellness-Recipe-Developing-Cartoonist-Blogger anyway?


When I first started I had no idea how much work (& money) it took to set up a fancy-pants blog.


I’m a straight up neeeeeerd. I love diet & wellness stuff, for sure, but I’d much rather be at Comicon than Paleo Fx.


Censoring yourself authentic self isn’t healthy.


I don’t want to be a brand. I just want to be me.

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My former vegan self would surely be horrified to know I’d one day eat rabbit.

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I got shadowbanned on Instagram. It wasn’t fun.


I became convinced I was “Instagram cursed.” Thankfully I later saw how it was actually a blessing.

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My favorite way to have food-fun is to pick out an album I can sing-along with. Oh yeah baby, it’s karaoke time! Even though I love cooking, I know if I push myself,  I won’t be having fun. But sitting down for Food Prep Karaoke? That’s a blast.

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I highly recommend Digital Detoxes!


When this starts to happen it’s time to unplug & recenter.


Chronic Lyme Disease treatments aren’t covered by any form of insurance. I rely on donor support through my GoFundMe campaign to help me afford my healing. The good news is crowdfunding has helped me a lot. The bad news is it’s basically medical panhandling.

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I love that this recipes calls for “ripe but firm” peaches. In my experience, perfectly ripe peaches don’t look so perfect upon getting home!

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Honoring our feelings, and reacting with compassion and love, is one the most important things we can do for ourselves and our healing.

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Unless you’ve experienced living with chronic illness it’s hard to image what it’s really like.

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Getting bit by a tick isn’t the only way to contract Lyme Disease. Mosquitos, mites, and some spiders can also carry the disease.


Celebrating another year of living, loving, and laughing! Wahoo!

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1st-bodylove-comicLife’s funny like that isn’t it?

2nd-comic-bodyloveYeah…not so helpful actually.

2nd-BodyLove-ComicIt’s taken me years to change my relationship to food. Now, instead of seeing food (or a lack of it) as a means to an end, I see eating as an act of self love.

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Living with chronic illness is hard. It just is. And some days its harder than others. Having acceptance may not change the situation, but often it changes how we respond to it.

us comic

When I admit that my capacity for whole-hearted love is compromised, I speak to my experience in an honest and direct way. Doing so creates an environment of vulnerability that encourages connection.

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Of all of the vegetable common to Supermarkets, scallions are one of the most nutrient dense.

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The vitamin K found in dark leafy greens and garlic chives supports neurological wellness.

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Our Beloved Bodies are always working hard to help us heal, so give thanks!


My stainless steel enema bucket and I go way back…

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Yup, this happened. What matters is that I choose to NOT internalized any food shame, forgave myself, and got right back on track with healing self care. My mantra in these moments: I am perfectly imperfect.