Orange Infused Cucumber and Celery Quick Pickles (AIP, Paleo, Low Carb/Ketogenic, Low-FODMAP)

It’s easy to be cool as a cucumber with these summer inspired quick pickles.

Quick pickles are a great way to increase your daily dose of gut healing probiotics. And they’re easy! I love creating new pickle recipes from whatever vegetables I have on hand. Like the rest of my menu, my pickles change with the seasons. This recipe is perfect for warmer months because it features cucumber and celery, which are both cooling and hydrating. Orange juice and zest provide a touch of sweetness to create a balanced and refreshing side dish or snack. I hope you’ll enjoy!

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High Fat Alkalizing Jucies

{ Gluten Free, Paleo, AIP, Ketogenic, Low-FODMAP, Vegan, Raw }FFframeLCHFjuice70The bright flavors of freshly juiced vegetables get fancy after being blending with high quality oil.

Freshly juiced vegetables, especially greens, can additionally fortify a whole foods diet with bonus nutrients. And healing bodies have an increased need for bio-available nutrition. However, it’s taken some experimenting to figure out how to successfully include juicing in a way that compliments my low-FODMAP, ketogenic diet.

If you’ve struggled to incorporate raw juices in the past, or would like to start juicing but aren’t sure how to make it fit your healing diet, this guide’s for you.

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