Tang-y Orange Smoothie



This D-lightful smoothie is reminiscent of the tangy orange drinks of my childhood, only much better. Citrus, strawberries, and bee pollen blend together to create a smoothie packed with seasonal immune support that’s naturally sweet with just the right amount of tart.

Despite NASA’s endorsement, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin was quoted as saying that “Tang sucks.” Well yes. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that a fresh fruit smoothie is way better for you than sugary powdered drink mixes. However, if like me, the flavor of processed orange “juices” has a nostalgic charm, then you’ll love my nutrient dense remix.

The addition of bee pollen adds that special tang as well an incredible nutritional boost. Pollen is actually 40% protein, half of which is in the form of free amino acids which are ready to be used directly by the body. This honey-bee made superfood is also a rich source of B Vitamins, digestive enzymes, and contains a hight amount of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

If you’re new to bee pollen, this smoothie is a tasty way to enjoy the benefits of this powerful healing food.

Serve a glass of Tang-y Orange Smoothie alongside breakfast or brunch in place of regular OJ, or anytime you’re craving a citrusy pick-me-up (or want to play astronaut.) My Tang-y Orange Smoothie is kid-approved so double the recipe and share some with the whole family!


I N G R E D I E N T S : (Makes 2)

💚 2 cups orange juice, freshly juiced is best

💚 12 fresh or frozen strawberries

💚 Juice of one fresh lemon

💚 4 teaspoons bee pollen

💚 1 teaspoon raw honey (optional, I prefer it without)

I N S T R U C T I O N S :

1️⃣ Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender until smooth

2️⃣ Infuse with healing intentions and enjoy!


“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible.'” ~ Audrey Hepburn


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