Traditional Style Teriyaki Salmon


This recipe is: Paleo + AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) + SCD + GAPS

J U M P   T O   T H E   R E C I P E

Traditional Japanese teriyaki sauce uses only 3 ingredients. My allergen-free adaptation is just as simple, for a teriyaki salmon that’s easy, authentic & and tasty way to include more anti-inflammatory, omega-3 rich fish in your healing diet.

hen it comes to Japanese food I’m a bit of a purest. Before going Paleo, my diet was heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine, so I know what is & isn’t  traditional. Adding ginger and garlic and a bunch of other ingredients to teriyaki sauce is NOT traditional. 

So if you see more than a few ingredients in a teriyaki recipe, it isn’t the real deal. One of the things I love about Japanese cuisine is its simplicity. In my book, simple is always best.


Healing on a budget? Because fresh salmon isn’t always an affordable option, you’ll be happy to hear that the savory glaze of my teriyaki sauce works wonders on defrosted fish. So this is a great recipe for enjoying more wild salmon on the cheaps.

In fact, I usually use defrosted salmon for this recipe since it’s less costly & just as delicious.


Wild salmon → Yes, it has to be wild. Here’s why…

  • Farmed salmon are kept in netted enclosures where they’ve been shown to collect diseases & parasites.
  • Farmed salmon varieties are commonly genetically modified, and while the U.S. claims that GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are no big deal, other countries have produced studies linking GMOs to things like food allergies & autoimmune disease. Here at HHC Headquarters we avoid them.
  • And finally: most farm raised salmon has food coloring added to its food to give it a healthy pink color it wouldn’t normally have. If you avoid food coloring in your packaged food, don’t eat it in your fish.

Oil → You can use whatever oil you fancy here as long as it’s mild flavored: coconut, avocado, mild olive oil, whatevs. We all have our preferences eh? If you’re not strictly AIP, using sesame oil would be a very Japanese option.

Salt → I use Redmond’s Real Salt in all my cooking because it contains minerals & trace minerals necessary for good health. Also it’s delicous. I used to buy it in small packs but now I buy it in bulk, which saves me some cash & cuts down on waste.

Honey → Honey is my sweetener of choice because I can buy it locally & it’s highly medicinal. In this recipe, the honey stands in for mirin, a sweet rice wine used in traditional Japanese cooking.

Coconut Aminos → Honestly, I usually get whatever brand is on sale, although what I end up getting the most is Coconut Secret’s. Trader Joe’s sells a Coconut Aminos that’s both sweeter & cheaper. For this recipe it works fine as a substitute so if you’ve got a TJ’s in your area & want to save a couple bucks feel free to use it.

Lemon → If you choose to serve this with lemon, be sure to add those post-squeezed wedges to your glass of water. Lemon water supports liver & gallbladder wellness!


Serves: 4 | Total recipe time: 10 min | Prep time: 1 min | Standing time if following Fatigue Friendly Instructions: 2-3 min | Difficulty Rating:🥄

2B03F4B2-3867-44E9-82BF-92A9A3345BB5💚 1 side of wild salmon, skin on (about 12 oz) or four 3 oz portions (fresh or previously defrosted)

💚 1 tablespoons mild flavored oil

💚 1/2 teaspoon salt

💚 2 teaspoons honey

💚 2 tablespoons Coconut Aminos

💚 Optional: lemon wedges for serving


1️⃣ Cut the salmon into 4 pieces if not already portioned and set aside.

2️⃣ Make the teriyaki sauce by mixing the 2 tablespoons Coconut Aminos, 2 teaspoons honey and 1/2 teaspoon salt until all the ingredients are fully dissolved.

3️⃣ In a large pan, heat 1 tablespoon oil on medium high heat.

4️⃣ Add the salmon pieces to the pan, skin side down, and cook until the skin is crispy and the fish comes loose from the pan without any fuss (about 3 minutes.)

5️⃣ Flip the salmon, lower the heat to medium & cook another couple of minutes or until you no longer see any raw-pink. Note: the key to amazing salmon is not to over cook it!

6️⃣ Add the teriyaki sauce to the pan & shake the pan to coat the salmon pieces. It’s done once the sauce is thick + glossy and the salmon is well coated. Mmmmm, luscious!

7️⃣ Plate the salmon & serve with lemon wedges if that sounds tasty.

✨ Tada! You rock, now give thanks & enjoy!

The next set of instructions was lovingly adapted for folks experiencing chronic fatigue. If you’d like to skip it click HERE to get to the rest of the post.


This is a quick recipe with few ingredients, so I hope you’ll try it even if you’re navigating chronic fatigue. If you’ve got chair or stool or large recycling bin (what I sat on during my chronic fatigue days) you can make this recipe while primarily sitting down.


And if you’re just not up for it, send this link to who ever helps with the cooking in your home. I had a caregiver for years so I know they appreciate recipe links!

1️⃣ To start, buy pre-portioned salmon or have your fish monger cut a fillet for you so you don’t have to.

2️⃣ Grab your butt-rester of choice & pull out everything you’ll need for this recipe. I keep my measuring utensils  in the drawer below where I do my food prep, which I recommend. That way you don’t have to move in order to get the utensils you need!

3️⃣ Continue by following the basic instructions while sitting as much as possible. You should only have to actually get up in order to flip the fish & shake the pan at the end.

3D81C8B1-34F2-4023-B7F5-D93F8952253EOkay, great recipe…but what do I serve it with? Sometimes the hardest part of preparing a recipe isn’t the actual prep or cooking but the meal planning that goes with it. Don’t worry, I get it & I gotcha covered.


My Traditional Style Teriyaki Salmon goes AWESOMELY with simmered sweet potatoes and stir fried bok choy & mushrooms with golden garlic.

Yes, want? Course you do.

Well, its one of the meals I contributed to the 30 Minutes Meals for the Paleo AIP cookbook. Get your copy & you’ll get step-by-step simple instructions for the above meal PLUS 119 others (learn more in my post 30 Minute Meals for the Paleo AIP: the Cookbook You’ll Wish You’d Had All Along.)


Each meal serves 4, is entirely Autoimmune Protocol compliant (no gluten, grains, legumes, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, or sugar) and can be made in 30 minutes or less.

How easy is that? Very easy. So do yourself a kindness & download yours HERE.  I know healing can be hard, so when given the option, for goodness sake go with easy! You’re worth it you crazy, beautiful, self-healing wonder!

Want more info first? Then check out my post 30 Minute Meals for the Paleo AIP: the Cookbook You’ll Wish You’d Had All Along.

May you eat well, live well & enjoy a New Wellness.

Chopsticks & self-kindness,


“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” ~ Japanese proverb

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