Teriyaki Shredded Rabbit


Rabbit is a mild flavored meat that’s not quite “white” but certainly isn’t gamey. By cooking the shredded meat in a rich, traditional-style teriyaki sauce, I’ve created a nightshade-free dish that’s almost reminiscent of BBQ pulled pork: tender, juicey, sweet & savory.  Continue reading “Teriyaki Shredded Rabbit”


Daikon Pasta + Parsley Pistou

{ Paleo, AIP, Whole30, Vegan, Ketogenic }


If you’re not quite ready to give up Paleo-pasta post zucchini-season, this recipe is for you!

Now that summer squash season is over, what am I going to use my Spiralizer on? That’s the question that got me brainstorming up new Paleo-pasta options using seasonal vegetables. Sure, zucchini zoodles are classic, but there are other veggies you can use to make satisfying spaghetti substitutes. Continue reading “Daikon Pasta + Parsley Pistou”

Honoring our True Self & Transitioning from Illness to Wellness


Wahoo! My very first podcast interview!

I hadn’t expected to open up the way I did when talking with Kami for her podcast The Wellness Crossing, but I’m so glad I did. There’d been some stuff that’d been weighing on my mind & I knew I needed to share. That’s why I’m so grateful that Kami gave me the perfect opportunity to be really honest in our intimate heart-to-heart on healing & authenticity.  Continue reading “Honoring our True Self & Transitioning from Illness to Wellness”

Roasted Summer Squash Rounds

{ AIP, Paleo, Whole30, Low Carb, Ketogenic, SCD, Vegan }SummerSq.1st.70

This simple summer squash recipe is one of our seasonal favorites.

Summer is a time of abundance, and one vegetable that’s particularly plentiful is squash like zucchini. If you’ve ever grown it, or known some one who has, then you know it’s a prolific giver, so it’s nice to have multiple recipes on hand to utilize a generous harvest. My Roasted Summer Squash Rounds recipe is perfect for devouring any squash surplus.  Continue reading “Roasted Summer Squash Rounds”