Anti-Microbial Lemon Garlic Dressing


This simple recipe is a wellness stable in our home come cold season. Cleansing lemon, zesty garlic, raw honey & unfiltered olive oil combine to create a creamy & balanced dressing that’s both very versatile & highly healing.

I believe that all real food is medicine, but some ingredients are true medicinal super stars. My Lemon Garlic Dressing harnesses the power of a few of them! It’s powerful antimicrobial action makes it a valuable addition to any infection-fighting protocol. Continue reading “Anti-Microbial Lemon Garlic Dressing”


3 Ingredient Turkey Meatballs


A while back, I had this great idea for a mouth watering, AIP Greek meatball recipe. Yessssssss, it was going to be soo good! But by the time I got home with groceries I realized I was actually quite tired & hungry; I no longer cared about gourmet, I wanted Now. Thus, this recipe was born.  Continue reading “3 Ingredient Turkey Meatballs”

What I’ve Learned from 3 Years as a Food & Wellness Blogger


Hope Heal Cook recently celebrated three years (wahoo!) and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my experience as a blogger.

When I first started HHC I’d thought I’d finally found my true calling, the one thing I was put here to do that would make use of all my gifts and give meaning to my lousier life experiences: I was gunna be a food and wellness blogger for the chronic illness and Lyme disease communities. Continue reading “What I’ve Learned from 3 Years as a Food & Wellness Blogger”