Easy Acupressure: Using A Home Acupressure Mat


There are a few things I think everyone could benefit from including as part of their daily Wellness Routine, and using an acupressure mat is one of them.  Acupressure mats are affordable, easy to store, easy to use, and effective. I’ve been using mine for the last few months and folks, I LOVE it. I’ve bought and tried a lot of things on my healing journey, and this at-home option is one I whole heartedly recommend, especially if you’re on a budget.

I got my acupressure mat HERE on Amazon. I chose my mat based on its affordability. However, there are many options, so pick one that appeals to you based on color, material (some feature organic cotton or hemp fabric like this one) and price. This is a gift you’ll be giving yourself, so make sure you’ll like it.


Acupressure is an ancient healing modality which helps release patterns of blocked or stagnant energy within the body by using pressure at important points. The applied pressure is designed to allow various body systems to work optimally by increasing the flow of vital energy. Some of the benefits I’ve found from using my mat include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved digestion
  • Relaxation of mind + body
  • More fluid life force energy
  • Increased liver and gallbladder function
  • Greater peace during meditative states

frame70thirdHow I Use My Acupressure Mat

Typically I lay on my mat with my back against the little spikes. I do so on the floor because I appreciate the support of a firm surface, but if it’s more comfortable you can place the mat on your bed. This is about you, so do what works best for you.

When I first started using the mat I did so while wearing a sweater because otherwise, well ouch. If you were wondering, yes, those spikes do make for tender flesh in the very beginning. However, within a couple weeks I’d worked my way up to laying directly on the mat. And by directly on the mat I mean naked. It feels awesome. To keep warm I cover myself with a thick blanket, all snuggly like. I’m a big fan of Cozy.


Occasionally I feel inspired to use my mat while on my side or stomach. When it comes to healing I let my intuition be my guide. I’ve found that when it sounds good it usually feels good. If I’m seeking acupressure support for my neck and shoulders I place a rolled up towel or yoga mat under the top portion of the mat before laying down (alternatively you can purchase an acupressure mat and pillow set like this one.) Acupressure mats can also be used for super easy reflexology: just place the mat under your feet!


When I Use My Acupressure Mat

I primarily use my mat during my meditation sessions. I meditate 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes per session, typically morning, afternoon, and before bed. Using an acupressure mat first thing in the morning helps to flush toxins accumulated during the night. In the late afternoons I include my mat during my “grown up nap time” which helps me to transition into an evening of relaxation and family connection. Using acupressure before bed supports more restful sleep.


I also frequently use my acupressure mat while sitting. Whether I’m watching a bit of telly with Wonderhubs (we’re all about nature shows with David Attenborough) or winding down with some evening reading, acupressure makes it better. As long as I’m wearing my super-sweet Hello Kitty PJs or other thin cotton clothes I’ll feel the benefits. Note: not so much while dressed in jeans and a jacket.

At night, if I’m unable to sleep I’ll get out of bed and lay on my acupressure mat. It helps me to feel relaxed and decreases any pain symptoms I may be experiencing. Often, after a session on my mat, I’m able to return to bed sleepy. On the nights when sleep alludes me, laying on my mat enables me to remain in a peaceful state so that my body still benefits from a restorative night.


Tips For Using An Acupressure Mat

  • The first few minutes are the most intense. Take deep breaths and visualize your body thanking you afterwards.
  • Doing it naked rocks, but remember to stay kind. If your experience on the mat is still “yowchie” after the first 3-5 minutes, then be sweet to yourself and grab some threads.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after using your mat to flush impurities. And because hydration is always important.
  • To feel the full affect, set aside 20 minutes, and treat yourself to a proper accupressure sesh. My “sweet spot” actually tends to be around 25 minutes of mat time. That’s when things really get moving and I get my big “ahhh.”
  • The benefits of acupressure are accumulative. So the more often you use your mat the better you’ll feel for it. And if you’re anything like me, the more your wise body will come to crave it.
  • We’re creatures of habit. The best way to incorporate a new practice like home acupressure is to make it routine by doing it at the same time and in the same place. Pick a specific time of day and place in your home to enjoy your mat sessions. Doing so will help you to stick to this healing practice.
  • Before settling down on your mat, firmly and lovingly hold the intention to heal. As you relax on your mat thank yourself for showing up and thank your body for embracing health + healing.
  • Watch out for furbabies. At least the heavier ones.


Do you already use an acupressure mat? Is there some way you’re using your mat that I haven’t thought of? Have you experienced health benefits from using acupressure? If so please share in the comments and help spread the goodness of Hope + Healing !

May you eat well, live well, be well!         Xx Kat

“When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.” ~ Chinese Proverbs


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2 thoughts on “Easy Acupressure: Using A Home Acupressure Mat

  1. I wish I would’ve gotten one of these mats years ago. I’ve been using mine in the morning after I wake up because my back is always super stiff in the morning, and just a few minutes of laying on it makes me feel good as new. It’s certainly an improvement over hobbling around for a few hours until my back fixes itself.

    1. Oh I’m so glad you love yours too! Its such an easy, inexpensive way to support our wellness. Sounds like a huge improvement over hobbling! Thanks so much for sharing hiw yours has helped you. Xx Kat

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