Hope Quotes: Once You Make a Decision

Hope Quotes: Once You Make A Decision

Hope Quotes:  Once you make a decision.  Figuring out how to heal chronic illness can feel overwhelming and confusing. Thankfully, Universal Intelligence has got your back, and once you decide to heal, the Universe works hard to make it happen!

Hope Quotes: Once You Make A Decision

Text Messaging the Universe

I find this Hope Quote sooooo reassuring! Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words remind me that it’s not up to me and me alone to self-heal. Thank goodness for that, because lemme tell ya, if it was there’d have been no hope for my healing at all.

Nope, none, nada.

I needed a whole lotta holy-quatum-magic in order to heal chronic illness and making a decision calls it forth. When we set our mind to something, it sends a message to the Cosmic Consciousness that we mean freakin’ business. To which the Divine always responds with: “Sweet, I’m all in.”

How to Make a Firm Decision

No doubt, you’ve decided countless times to heal. And perhaps, thus far that’s done a whole lotta diddly-squat.  So what gives?  

The trick is to make a decision that’s so firm you could bounce a nickel off it.  You’ve got to be so sure, so pumped up, so super serious and absolutely not-effing-around-here DECIDED that everything that came before your decision is totally non-relevant.

Relax and Rest Assured

When you do make a decision to heal in a way that feels epically life changing I guarantee it will be.  Because you’re not doing this healing work on your own.  Whatever you wanna call the all knowing, all loving force that permeates all of reality, trust me on this one:  it loves the heck outta you and wants to see you THRIVE.

When you decided to heal, the Universe conspires to make it happen.  So relax. You’re on the right path.  And you are healing.

Hope & hugs,

P.S.  Have you ever made the decision to heal?  Do you trust that the Universe is helping you?

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspired to make it happen.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Hope Quotes: Once You Make A Decision

6 thoughts on “Hope Quotes: Once You Make a Decision

  1. Definately, it can feel like a long road but I experienced it myself. 2 1/2 years ago when I got lyme I really had to find a deeper part in myself that knew I could heal.. because some of my symptoms were intense. But I ended up finding several great resources and people to help and learnt alot. I’m still recovering but i’ve come really far.

    The biggest challenge is the intense emotions coming up attempting to stop that intention to heal. Frustration, hopelessness, anger, hating the world.. as it can be something easy to get stuck in. So I also found dealing with those an important part of the process.

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for sharing your story. I definitely relate to what you’ve shared. I had to dig deep and do a lot of emotion work. I often joke that chronic Lyme was like “spiritual bootcamp” because of how it forced me to get serious about emotional and spiritual healing. I’m really glad to hear you’ve come so far. It is possible!

  2. Kat, I miss you on IG! Do you have a newsletter or something that you’re more active with or have you been taking a break? If so, I understand! xoxox

    1. Hi Christina, that’s so sweet of you say. I’ve been taking a break and at this point don’t have any plans to return to HHC. It’s been good for me to focus on other things at this point in my healing journey. But if I do return I’ll be sure to post about it on social media. I hope you’re doing well! Xx Kat

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