Hope Quotes: Thank It and It Will Pass


Hope Quotes: Thank it and it will pass!  Your symptoms aren’t a sign that your body has failed, or betrayed you.  Far from it.  It’s a sign that your body is calling together all its energies in order to repair and heal! 

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That symptom you’re having isn’t what you think.

It isn’t your body failing you. It isn’t your body viciously attacking itself. It isn’t your body trapping your spirit in a prison of pain, discomfort, or disability (although I know it can feel like that!)

That symptom is PROOF that you are alive, and that your body is working TIRELESSLY to support you, heal you, and carry you forward into a New Wellness.

Your body is always working to heal.

Now what if you actually believed those words?  Truly, and deeply.

What if instead of thinking your symptoms meant you’re not getting better, or that you’re getting worse, instead you decided to believe your symptoms were a sign of healing?

We get to choose our thoughts.

When we’re experiencing symptoms, it’s easy to get caught up thinking things like:

  • Oh no, what happened??
  • What have I done??
  • I’m not getting better. I’m getting worse.
  • Is this a flare up? This must be a flare up.
  • This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have eaten that/done that/taken that.

Those are just a few of my old go-to’s. Sound familiar? But, here’s the thing: we don’t have to let those thoughts run the show.  Nah-uh.  Because those stressy thoughts aren’t helping.

Instead, we can choose to replace thoughts that distress us, with ones that support our holistic wellness.  And we can actively affirm that the symptom or symptoms we’re having are part of the healing process.

Symptoms are a part of healing.

I did just that. And in time it become true. To help me shift my thinking around my symptoms I adopted the practice of repeating “this sensation is merely my body calling together it’s energies in order to heal,” whenever my symptoms were starting to mess with my head.

Doing so stopped me from going down the rabbit hole of worries, and helped me to be present with myself, and my situation–and the present is always where the magic happens!  Once I was open to recognizing those sensations as signs of healing, I could relax more, and let that process unfold.

Trust the process.

When I trusted that my symptoms were an expression of healing, I could thank them, and bless them.  And when I did, my symptoms often passed more quickly.

So whatever symptom you’re experiencing, bless it, thank it, and it will pass.

Hope & hugs,


P.S. What’s your relationship with your symptoms like? Have you ever thanked them?


“This pain is only the body calling together it’s energies in order to heal. Bless it, thank it, and it will pass.” ~ Quote by Agnes Sanford

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