Inside My Healing Kitchen: Interview & AIP Kitchen Tour

kitchentour100BframeSWelcome to where the magic happens: the Hope Heal Kitchen!

Food isn’t just calories and nourishment for me, it’s my primary medicine, and considering how much I’ve healed over the years, it’s a powerful one!  By extension, my kitchen isn’t just a kitchen. It’s the place from which I actively heal myself. So when I was asked to do an AIP Kitchen Tour guest post for Autoimmune Paleo, my first thought was “Of course! Folks should see my kitchen!”

Join me for a tour of my kitchen and find out…

  • How long have I been eating a personalized AIP diet and how has it changed my life?
  • What exactly does my AIP diet look like and what foods have I reintroduced?
  • What kitchen tools and gadgets do I use to make everyday cooking easier?
  • How I respond to “non-Kat” foods and family influences?
  • What are my top tips for getting starting on AIP?

Head on over to Autoimmune Paleo for these answers and more, plus a photo tour of the heart of Hope Heal Cook: my kitchen. Come on in and let me show you around.

May you eat well, live well & be well.     Xx Kat

“I am happy to have some friends here in the kitchen.” ~ Charles Olson

2 thoughts on “Inside My Healing Kitchen: Interview & AIP Kitchen Tour

  1. Loved reading about your AIP kitchen! I think that sticking to a healing diet isn’t all that hard when you are able to keep off-limits food out of the house. The hardest part for me is living at home with my family who by no means eat paleo and more then half of our kitchen space is filled with non-healing/non-paleo foods. I’m continually learning how to keep my will-power on track, ha!
    Always love reading your posts, Kat <3

  2. Thank you so much lady! This was a really fun post for me to put together. I agree that this diet isn’t hard now that I’m used to it. My taste have really changed thanks to how clean I eat so my hubby’s food don’t even look good most of the time. It’s stuff like his frozen bananas for smoothies that get me because it’s real food, but not something my body likes. Do you do muscle testing for you food? That practice really helps me stay on track because once I see that my body doesn’t want the food I’m less likely to eat it anyway. Thanks for reading this and all you support! Xx Kat

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